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Jumat, 04 April 2008

toy story 2

Some time after the events in Toy Story, Andy is getting ready to go to Cowboy Camp with Woody, but accidentally tears his arm while playing with him. Unable to take him to camp, his mom stores Woody on a shelf. The next day Woody finds the toy penguin Wheezy, who has been left long abandoned on the shelf after his squeaker failed. Woody fears the same fate will befall him, particularly as Andy's mom takes items, including Wheezy, from the room for a yard sale. Woody sets off to rescue his fellow toy with the assistance of Andy's dog Buster, but ends up stuck on a table after saving Wheezy. Al McWiggin, an obsessive toy collector, spots Woody and first attempts to bargain with Andy's mom for him, but resorts to stealing him. Buzz Lightyear tries to save Woody but is unable to keep up with Al's car; however, he uses the car's license plate and a feather pulled from the car to identify Al as the owner of "Al's Toy Barn". Buzz, Mr. Potato Head, Rex, Slinky Dog, and Hamm, set out on a rescue mission to recover Woody before Andy returns home.

Al brings Woody back to his apartment, where Woody meets other toys: a yodeling cowgirl named Jessie, an affectionate steed named Bullseye, and Stinky Pete the Prospector (an unsold toy still in its original box). They reveal to Woody that he is a vintage "Sheriff Woody" collectible doll and the star of a forgotten children's TV show, Woody's Roundup. Furthermore, he is the last piece needed before Al can sell the toys and assorted memorabilia to a Japanese toy museum. Woody, though initially astounded at the display, refuses to go to Japan and abandon Andy, but is persuaded towards staying after Jessie describes her sad past of being a toy once loved by a young girl, but then was left forgotten as the girl grew up and eventually left at a charity drop, and that the same could happen with Andy. Al brings in a toy restorer to repair Woody's arm and to clean up the toy before shipping it off.

Buzz and the other toys make their way to Al's Toy Barn, located across the street from Al's apartment . As they search the store, Buzz gets in a scuffle with a new Buzz Lightyear action figure, with the new Buzz being mistaken for Andy's Buzz, and Andy's Buzz stuck in a display box. The group discover Al in his office and stow away in a duffel bag as he goes back to his apartment. Andy's Buzz manages to escape the display box and gives chase across the street, but unknowingly releases an Evil Emperor Zurg action figure, who follows Buzz. The other toys, left in Al's car, find a route to the elevator shaft to get to Al's apartment, and finally meet up with Woody, with Andy's Buzz following them. Woody tells them he doesn't want to be rescued and intends to go with his new friends to Japan, since he is now a "collector's item". Andy's Buzz, in a role reversal from the first movie, tells Woody that he is a toy, meant to be played with instead of being on display in a museum. With Buzz's advice, Woody abandons his plans to go to Japan, and invites the rest of the Roundup gang to be Andy's toys. Jessie and Bullseye agree, but Stinky Pete - holding a grudge against the "space toys" like Buzz who drove cowboy toys like them out of fashion - actually leaves his box and locks Woody, Jessie, and Bullseye in the room, saying that the museum trip is his first chance (since he was never sold) and won't have Woody messing it up for him. Al shortly returns and packs up the toys before Buzz's group can rescue them, then heads to the airport.

The other toys give chase but encounter the Emperor Zurg toy in the elevator. They are able to defeat it, but Zurg says "Buzz, I am your father!" to the new Buzz, an obvious reference to Star Wars. The new Buzz decides to stay behind with Zurg. Andy's Buzz and the other toys hijack a Pizza Planet delivery truck and drive to the airport. Entering the luggage area, they find the crates containing the Roundup Gang toys and rescue Woody and Bullseye against Stinky Pete's attempts to stop them; the toys send Stinky Pete off with a face painted Barbie doll, letting him experience being played with by a child. However, the group is unable to rescue Jessie before the crate is loaded onto a plane. Giving chase, Woody, Buzz, and Bullseye manage to rescue her as the plane is taking off, with Woody tearing his arm again during the effort.

Some time later, the toys have returned to Andy's room, just in time to be there for Andy's return from camp; the toys took one of the baggage carriers from the airport and dumped it on the neighbor's lawn. Andy is surprised by the appearance of the Jessie and Bullseye doll, thinking them presents from his mother, and carefully repairs Woody's arm himself; Jessie and Bullseye are elated to be accepted as toys once again. The toys also learn that Al has gone bankrupt over failing to deliver the toys to the museum. Woody admits to Buzz that he knows that Andy will someday outgrow him, but that Buzz will be there with him, "for infinity and beyond."

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