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Jumat, 04 April 2008

dragon ball GT final bout

Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout, known in Japan as Dragon Ball Final Bout (ドラゴンボール ファイナルバウト Doragonbōru Fainaru Bauto?), is a fighting game for the Sony PlayStation. The game is similar to other fighters but features 3D environments and characters from the Dragon Ball universe. Besides the typical cast, the game features unlockable characters, usually being either Super Saiyan versions of existing characters or alternate versions (such as Kid Goku being an alternate version, and Adult Goku being part of the standard set).

The original North American edition was released in 1997, a year after the premiere of Dragon Ball GT in Japan. Only 10,000 copies were produced due to the series being unfamiliar with audiences. Up until a re-release of the game in 2004, Final Bout enjoyed some of the highest collectible premiums a PlayStation game has ever seen, with prices on Ebay ranging from $100- $250. It has also been one of the PlayStation's best-selling games, with releases ranging from 1997 to 2002 and finally to 2004. The game debuted in Japan and Europe in 1997 despite Great Britain not seeing a release until later in 2002.

Akin to many Dragon Ball licensed games, the critical response to Final Bout was less than stellar. Frequent criticisms included sluggish controls and an overcharge of playable Goku versions.[citation needed]

While Final Bout reaped a long sleet of sales, it was assumed that Bandai was no longer developing games based on the Dragon Ball franchise. As a result, some rare in-production screenshots showed that the game may have looked sleeker than the final product.[citation needed]

The North American version did not feature the voice actors then working on Dragon Ball Z and instead opted to go for uncredited voice actors, whereas the European version used the original Japanese voice actors.

While the graphics seem blocky and out of date by today's standards, the music is still held in high regard. The music mostly contains rearranged versions of music used in Bandai's Super Famicom DragonBall games with the exception of a few new songs such as Super Saiyan Goku 4's theme "Hero of Heroes".

Also, the game featured one of the first FMV introductions in the DragonBall game series. The video, consisting of entirely new animation, shows the various playable characters fighting each other, albeit in a non-canonical way. The video is set up to "The Biggest Fight", a song specifically composed for the game and sung by regular DragonBall vocalist Hironobu Kageyama. This would be his last contribution to the music of Dragon Ball Z until 2003 when Kageyama performed a new song set to another FMV introduction for the game Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2 and once again for Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3.

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