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Jumat, 04 April 2008

nascar rumble

In NASCAR Rumble, the main object of the game is to win a race or series of races against one to five opponents. They race in normal or souped-up stock cars from the at-the-time NASCAR Winston Cup Series, in addition to several Craftsman Truck Series drivers, unlockable past NASCAR legends, and everyday vehicles.

An interesting feature of Rumble is the power-ups. These can be collected and used for assistance. Players may also choose how often these appear. They are:

  • Nitro - increases speed to max of twenty miles per hour faster than normal.
  • Bold tires - increases handling by two times normal.
  • Bad gas - gradually reduces speed and lowers acceleration.
  • Oil slick - decreases handling by two times normal.
  • Joker - randomly activates one of the four above power-ups.
  • Storm^ - sends a storm cloud over the opponent in the next position decreasing vision and randomly jerking tires.
  • Freeze^ - sends a frost to the opponent in the next position locking tires in place.
  • Tornado^ - sends a tornado that sucks up every car in its path.
  • Invincible - protects from all negative power-ups.
  • Big Rumble - creates a huge red bumper on the front, when you hit with this they go flying.

"^" Means that it will have no effect if the vehicle is travelling under 60 mph and also will not effect teamate.

There are also three racing classes. These determine how fast a car can travel and also its physical appearance. These can be determined by the player. They are:

  • Rookie: The starter class. All the cars in this category look stock, with no modifications. Max normal speed is 160 mph.
  • Pro: The middle class, with semi-modified cars. Have a little vent in the hood and have a more aggressive and aerodynamic appearance than the Rookie cars. Max normal speed is 170 mph.
  • Elite: The best class. Cars' aerodynamics are heavily modified and the engines feature blowers. Max normal speed is 180 mph.

The speeds vary depending on the type of vehicle. Trucks are two miles per hour slower than the regular car's speeds (which are listed above). Likewise, the legends are wo miles per hour slower.

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