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Sabtu, 12 April 2008

devil may cry 2

Devil May Cry 2 begins with Lucia and Dante separately entering a museum where an important item called the Medaglia is stored. After defeating a group of demons in the museum, Lucia invites Dante to follow her to the Dumary Island, where he is introduced to Matier, her mother. Matier explains that she once fought alongside Dante's father, Sparda, to defend the island against demons. She asks Dante to help fight Arius, an international businessman who uses demonic power and seeks to conquer the world.[13] Dante flips a coin in answer, and decides to help when the coin lands on heads.[14] After Dante leaves Matier and Lucia discuss the Arcana, the items required for Arius to raise Argosax.

Lucia eventually confronts Arius, who reveals that she was his creation.[15] When Lucia moves to strike Arius, he uses his magic to blast her away. Shortly afterward, Dante meets up with Lucia, who gives him the last of the Arcana before leaving.[16] Dante then encounters Matier and tries to pass the Arcana to her. Matier, in turn, asks Dante to take the Arcana to save Lucia, who has gone to fight Arius again.[17] Dante flips the coin again to decide if he will help; it lands on heads, and he departs to aid Lucia.[18] Meanwhile, Lucia enters the Uroboros tower and attacks Arius, who captures her. Dante arrives and trades the Arcana for Lucia, then attacks Arius. To escape, Arius forces Dante to decide between saving Lucia or killing him.[19]

Lucia, worried about the ritual and conflicted about herself, wonders how they will stop Arius. Dante waves her off, stating he will find a way.[20] Dante leaves Lucia to think as he departs to defeat Arius. Matier arrives a short time later, sets Lucia's mind at ease, and decides to rejoin the fight against Arius.[21] Dante arrives to find Arius in the middle of his immortality-inducing ritual. Apparently not at all fazed by the completion of the ceremony, Dante stands confident.[22] Another fight ensues, in which Dante finishes Arius off with his pistols. Outside, Lucia confronts Dante and demands that he kill her because she fears she will become a demon herself.[23] Before the issue can be resolved, a large stream of energy strikes the tower and a portal to the demon world is opened. Dante and Lucia argue over who will enter and close it from the inside; Dante offers to leave the issue up to fate. He flips the coin and it once again lands on heads, leaving Dante to enter the portal to deal with Argosax after leaving the coin with Lucia.[24]

After Dante departs, Arius returns to life bearing demonic power.[25] While Lucia fights Arius, he finds himself injured and attempts to distract her, a tactic which fails; Lucia goes on to defeat him.[26] Within the portal, Dante fights and defeats the partially summoned Argosax. Finding the portal closed, Dante instead drives further into the demon realm on a motorcycle. In the aftermath of the battle, Matier attempts to reassure Lucia about Dante's fate, insisting that Sparda returned from a similar trip. Lucia examines the coin Dante left with her and discovers that both sides are identical.[27] Sometime later in Dante's shop, Lucia muses about Dante. Outside the sound of a motorcycle echoes, and Lucia leaves to investigate. It is left up to the player's interpretation if this is Dante or not.

devil may cry

Devil May Cry begins with Dante being attacked in his office by a mysterious woman named Trish. He impresses her by easily brushing off her assault, and tells her that he hunts demons in pursuit of those who killed his mother and brother.[10] She says the attack was a test, and that the demon emperor Mundus, whom Dante holds responsible for the deaths of his family, is planning a return.[11] The scene jumps to their arrival at an immense castle, whereupon Trish abruptly leaps and vanishes over a high wall

Dante encounters Phantom.

Dante explores the castle and encounters the game's stock enemies, demonic marionettes. He also finds a new sword called Alastor, and battles the first boss, a giant spider/scorpion demon named Phantom. Dante wins the battle, but in what becomes a recurring theme, the defeated boss monster reappears a short time later in a corridor, forcing the player to choose a narrow escape or to fight in the tight confines. After further exploration and combat, Dante battles a demon named Nelo Angelo who impresses Dante with his confidence.[12] The demon wins, but suddenly flees upon seeing the half-amulet Dante wears. The demon attacks twice more in later missions, and is eventually revealed to be Dante's identical twin brother, Vergil. After Vergil's final defeat, his amulet joins with his brother's half, and "Force Edge", the game's default sword which belonged to the twins' father, becomes the powerful Sparda sword.

When Dante next meets Trish, she betrays him and reveals that she too is working for Mundus. But when her life is endangered, Dante chooses to save her. Saying he only did so because of her resemblance to his mother, he warns her to stay away.[13] Yet when he finally confronts Mundus, who is about to kill Trish, Dante again chooses to save her and is injured. Mundus tries to finish him off, but Trish takes the attack instead. This unleashes Dante's full power.[14] Dante and Mundus then battle on another plane of existence.

Dante is victorious, and leaves the amulet and sword with Trish's immobile body before departing.[15] Mundus returns and corners Dante, who is now back to his regular strength, before he can flee the island; Trish also returns and lends Dante her power. Dante defeats Mundus, who vows to return and rule the human world.[16] When Trish tries to apologize she begins to cry, and Dante tells her it means she has become human and not just a devil, because "devils never cry".[17] Dante and Trish escape on a plane as the island collapses. After the credits, it is revealed that Dante and Trish are working together as partners, and have renamed the shop "Devil Never Cry".

looney toons back in action

daffy duck tired of playing "stooge" to the "long-eared, carrot-chomping, overbite-challenged" Bugs Bunny, demands better treatment from the Warner Brothers. Kate Houghton (Jenna Elfman), the Vice President of Comedy, reveals to a heartbroken Daffy that Bugs is much more popular than Daffy, saying that while Bugs enjoys universal appeal, the duck's fan base is limited to

When Daffy discovers he has been fired, he is escorted out of the board room by Kate and Bugs.

Meanwhile, DJ Drake (Brendan Fraser), a security guard, fails an audition for a stuntman job. He is then asked to escort a distraught Daffy Duck off the lot, however, Daffy escapes and runs rampant through the studio. He attempts to commandeer the (Batmobile) but crashes it into the studio's water tower, causing it to topple over, drenching Kate and Bugs, who were driving by. DJ himself is then fired in a scene inspired by the 1960s TV series Branded.

Some of the other cartoon characters are struggling in stardom, especially Porky Pig and Speedy Gonzales. Scooby Doo and Shaggy (both are appropriately voiced by Frank Welker and Casey Kasem) confront Matthew Lillard who portrayed Shaggy in the live-action Scooby Doo movie. Kate tries to change Bugs' famous gags by teaming him up with a female co-star. Bugs counters this with his famous crossdressing gag.

DJ returns to his home, next door to Granny, Sylvester, and Tweety Bird, and finds Daffy has hitched a ride, as he has nowhere else to go. Daffy learns DJ is Damian Drake's son. Daffy believes Damian is a spy, while DJ thinks he is merely an actor who portrays a spy. When it is revealed that both are right, and that Damian is in trouble over the Blue Monkey Diamond, DJ departs. His only clue, the nightclub actress "Dusty Tails" in Las Vegas. All of DJ's attempts to throw Daffy out of his pizza-delivery car fail, so that they leave together.

About this time, it is revealed DJ has played Brendan Fraser's stunt double many times and he considers Brendan to be very unpleasant.

Meanwhile, the Warner Bros. decide Kate that misled them into firing Daffy and that they want him back. Bugs' phone call to Daffy is rebuked.

Unknown to Daffy and DJ, their conversation is being watched by the board of directors of the ACME Corporation. The eccentric yet intimidating Mr. Chairman (Steve Martin) wants the Blue Monkey for his own "diabolical ends"

Kate goes to DJ's house and finds Bugs, and also discovers that DJ is Damian Drake's son. They head out in Damian's true spy car, (a TVR Tuscan).

DJ and Daffy arrive at Las Vegas and enter the Wooden Nickel casino owned by the midget cowboy, Yosemite Sam, who is an operative of ACME. Mr. Chairman informs Yosemite Sam to keep the two protagonists within the casino. Mr. Smith (Bill Goldberg), Mr. Chairman's hitman offers Sam a treasure chest and strikes him with it. Foghorn Leghorn introduces the casino's next act, which is Dusty Tails, played by Heather Locklear. DJ approaches Dusty; she reveals she is a spy like Damian. She gives DJ a Queen of Diamonds playing card that will apparently help him find the Blue Monkey. Daffy boasts that he does not know the meaning of the word "fear", until Yosemite Sam and his underlings, Nasty Canasta and Cottontail Smith, appear with a cannon. Daffy goes "Fear: noun, a state of terror" before being blasted into a fire extinguisher. DJ attempts to fight their way out of the casino, but things stop when the card is lost on the gambling floor. DJ manages to win a game and recover it. His car falls to pieces when the two leap in.

Yosemite Sam and his cronies commandeer Jeff Gordon's racecar and chase Daffy and DJ. They find Kate and Bugs; all four drive off in the spy car with the cowboys not far behind. After taking a wrong turn, the quartet find themselves heading towards a dead end. Daffy utters the word "mother", which the car interprets as a request to take them to that person, and activates its flight mode, flying into the air. Sam is considerably less lucky: his car crashes into a wall, catapulting him into a fireworks store. He lights a match - and is blown skyward.

The car continues flying towards "mother", however it crashes in the middle of the desert. Later at a campout, Daffy expresses his jealousy of Bugs with the statement: "All you have to do is nibble a carrot and people love you."

The next day, the heroes come across a Wal-Mart store in the middle of the desert (which is assumed to be a mirage) and get free stuff in exchange for endorsement of Wal-Mart. Mr. Chairman's father, another VP, suggests they get the "Desert Operative", Wile E. Coyote, to deal with the heroes. His attempt fails.

The heroes stumble across Area 52, a secret military base where aliens are stored. The base's leading researcher, known as Mother (Joan Cusack) has been expecting DJ and reveals to him that the Blue Monkey is a powerful gem that can be used to turn the human race into monkeys. Marvin the Martian who is imprisoned within Area 52, is ordered to attack the heroes. Using other aliens, including Daleks, he causes a mass riot, which the heroes escape.

They realize that a picture of the Mona Lisa is on the playing card and head to the Louvre in Paris. DJ manages to find a map of Africa. Elmer Fudd appears wanting the window and reveals that he is secretly evil. Bugs and Daffy flee from Elmer throughout the museum, leaping into several paintings like The Scream. Kate is kidnapped by Mr. Smith and taken to the top of the Eiffel Tower. Beaky Buzzard flies overhead in a helicopter. Mr. Smith escapes with a photographed copy of the map. Bugs and Daffy defeat Elmer by running into another painting that results in Elmer's coming out in a pointillism effect. Bugs blows him to pieces using a fan. Kate falls off the side of the Eiffel Tower, but is saved by DJ.

ACME prepares to head to Africa. Mr. Chairman decides to unleash his most vicious operative: Taz. The VP for Never Learning criticizes Taz, and the Chairman releases Taz upon the VP, eating all but his skeleton.

In Africa, DJ, Kate, Bugs and Daffy run into Granny, Sylvester and Tweety riding an elephant through the jungle. They hitch a ride and discover some ancient ruins and the Blue Monkey itself. Granny, Sylvester and Tweety unzip bodysuits to reveal themselves as Mr. Chairman (the film's second example of crossdressing), Mr. Smith, and Taz in disguise. All but Taz and Mr. Smith are teleported back to the ACME building.

DJ and Kate are chained up and find Damian on a railway track about to be run over by the Train of Death driven by Wile E. Coyote, with, for good measure, crates of TNT next to him and a 2-tonne anvil over his head. They are also attacked by a giant ACME Guard Dog. Bugs and Daffy go into outer space after Marvin the Martian to a satellite where the Blue Monkey will transmit a transformative beam around the globe. Bugs battles Marvin with a lightsaber while reading a book called "The Force For Dummies". Daffy becomes Duck Dodgers and saves the day by deflecting the satellite.But he explodes with the Jetpacks. DJ saves Damian, outwits the giant dog, and destroys the Train of Death. Marvin is trapped in a bubble and floats off into space. Mr. Chairman, now a monkey, is arrested with a little pair of monkey sized handcuffs.

Bugs and Daffy talk about the adventure while it is revealed the whole thing is just a movie. DJ punches Brendan Fraser. Bugs then reveals that he has decided to let Daffy be his equal partner. Daffy remarks that his luck may be changing; however, he is flattened by a falling round metal plate which is revealed to be the symbol of the Looney Tunes. Porky Pig fails to perform his trademark ending spiel and he instead tells the audience to go home.

Senin, 07 April 2008

Crash Bandicoot Purple: Ripto's Rampage

Crash Bandicoot's sworn enemy) has joined forces with Spyro the Dragon's enemy, Ripto and they plan to get rid of both Spyro and Crash by sending out Ripto's monsters into the area. Aku Aku and Coco Bandicoot ask Crash to save the world by recovering the crystals before Cortex does.

Meanwhile, the Professor and Hunter ask Spyro to close the portals and get rid of the monsters. Unfortunately for Crash and Spyro, they were tricked into thinking they were enemies. In Crash's world, the Riptocs are dressed as Spyro and in Spyro's world, they are dressed as Crash.

Crash and Spyro meet and engage in a fight on a bridge, but realize that they've been tricked. A new friendship blooms between them. They join forces to defeat the two evil villains.

Not even Tiny Tiger, Crush or Gulp can stop them, but Cortex uses his niece, Nina Cortex, to kidnap Coco and the Professor. Blink informs Crash and Spyro what happened to Coco and the Professor. Spyro rescues Coco and the Professor while Crash distracts Nina. Finally, Crash and Spyro defeat Nina at her own game.

Coco has an idea: If they put a tracer on Cortex and Ripto, they would track them to their headquarters. Crash defeats Ripto, but he forgot to insert the tracer. Spyro defeats Cortex and he puts the tracer on him. Crash and Spyro reach their headquarters in outer space. As a team, Crash and Spyro defeat Cortex and Ripto. They thank each other as the games ends with a photo of Crash having Spyro in a friendly headlock, and the credits roll.

Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex

The story begins somewhere outside Earth's orbit, where we see Doctor Neo Cortex's evil space station base. Inside it, Uka Uka ads destructive masks with the power over Earth, Fire, Water, and Air. If they unleashed their destructive energy, they'll have enough power to bring Cortex's secret weapon to life. They would have a weapon capable of crushing mountains, demolishing entire cities, and wiping Crash Bandicoot off the face of the Earth forever.

Back on Earth, strange things begin to happen. Volcanoes are erupting, thunderclouds are forming, and tsunamis are devastating the coastlines. Aku Aku concludes that his evil twin brother Uka Uka is up to his no-good tricks again, and travels into outer space to find out what he is planning. There, he learns that Uka Uka and Doctor Neo Cortex have unleashed the Elementals, and tells Crash Bandicoot and Coco Bandicoot that they must find a way to stop them before they destroy the Earth and all of its inhabitants. He also tells them that the only way to subside their destructive nature is to imprison them with the use of ancient crystals. Each Elemental can be returned to their hibernation state with a total of 5 crystals. So Coco's new Portal Chamber is unveiled. The Portal Chamber is a device that allows the Bandicoots to travel to different parts of the Earth to gather the Crystals needed to halt the Elementals' reign of terror. "It is time to even the odds into our favor," Aku Aku proclaims.

Just before they start off, Cortex shows up via holographic display. He introduces his super weapon, a bandicoot named Crunch, who is more than eager to take on Crash. Cortex states that Crunch is everything Crash wasn't, and leaves telling Crash that "We all make mistakes". With that, Crash and Coco travel the world collecting the Crystals. Uka Uka's patience is already tested with the defeat of Rok-Ko, the Earth Elemental, but Cortex assures that Wa-Wa, the Water Elemental will make sure that Crash doesn't see the light of day. But with Wa-Wa's defeat, Crunch claims that he doesn't need a mask to help him, and that he can exterminate Crash all by himself, but Cortex insists that he and Py-Ro, the Fire Elemental will vanquish Crash and his annoying friends together. Cortex is already fed up with Crash making a mockery out of him and his minions. With Py-Ro defeated, Uka Uka questions the value of Cortex's "superweapon", and Crunch is becoming equally impatient, saying he can take out Crash with his metal arm tied behind his back. But Cortex somehow keeps his cool, telling Crunch not to be so silly, and assures Uka Uka that Crunch will use the Elemental masks, saying there's no need for him to lose any beauty sleep. Things are really getting desperate for Cortex, as he prepares an armada of space stations to strike Earth at one point. But thankfully, they're taken out by Coco. With Lo-Lo, the final Elemental mask defeated, Crunch's Elemental powers reach maximum capacity. The battle takes to Cortex's space station.

In the end, Crunch is defeated, and Uka Uka is prepared to kill Cortex, but in an attempt to blast Cortex with a fireball, he hits a vital part of the space station. All of a sudden, Crunch realizes that Dr. Cortex doesn't have control over him anymore, and decides to give him a piece of his mind, but Aku Aku insists that they escape instead, because Uka Uka's energy blast caused a slight chain reaction, resulting in the space station reaching a critical overload. Cortex believes that it might be wise if they do the same, and make their way to an escape pod. Uka Uka blames Cortex for this, and says that if he hadn't ducked out of the way, none of this would've happened. Crunch and Crash escape through Coco's spaceship. Back on Earth, Crunch thanks Crash, Coco and Aku Aku for believing in him, and if it wasn't for them, he would still be under the control of Doctor Cortex. Coco asks Aku-Aku if this is the last they'll see of Doctor Cortex. He says that that's what he'd like to believe, but somehow, he doubts that very seriously. Meanwhile, somewhere off the coast of Antarctica, Uka Uka is once again mad at Cortex for stranding the two of them "in the middle of nowhere", and proceeds to pursue Cortex around a small island. Cortex yells into the sky: "I'll get my revenge, Crash Bandicoot! Just you wait!"

The inventors of the game are Gabriel Savage and Chelsea Brown.

crash boom bang

While developing a resort in Tasmania, the Viscount finds a map of an ancient city containing the fabled Super Big Power Crystal. He attempts to find it himself, but due to the large amount of puzzles, he fails miserably. In the resort, the Viscount decides to gather up the world's cleverest and strongest bunch of characters and con them into finding the Crystal for him.[7] He sends an invitation to Coco Bandicoot, inviting her to the World Cannonball Race, where the winner earns $100,000,000.[8]

The race starts in Port Town, with the winners traveling in a boat to a large desert. Legend has it that four stone tablets are buried somewhere in the desert, and the contestants are sent out to dig for them and bring them to the Viscount.[9] According to the stone tablets, the actual location of the Crystal is hidden somewhere on the ancient map. Before he can investigate the matter further, Doctor Neo Cortex swoops in and snatches the map. As the two struggle for the map, the map is torn to shreds.

Cortex sends his loyal Lab Assistants to find the pieces of the map scattered throughout the big City and bring them to him.[10] Now that the contestants know about the map, the Viscount decides to reveal his true intentions: The Super Big Power Crystal can grant a single wish who whoever obtains it, and the Viscount is willing to give a large sum of money to those who help him find it.[11] Finding the Power Crystal is impossible without the Final Key, so the Viscount boards his plane to travel to the North Atlantic Ocean in search for the Final Key. But the plane is full, and only a select number of the contestnts are able to board.[12] With the help of an explosive volcano, the contestants are able to board the Viscount's plane.

On the Viscount's ship, the Viscount tells the group the story of an explorer who found the Final Key, but was unable to find the Power Crystal. That explorer was the Viscount's grandfather. As the explorer sailed back to his homeland to recollect his thoughts, his ship crashed into an iceberg and sank, taking the Viscount's grandfather to a waterey grave.[13] "Sounds like a movie," remarks one of the attendees. The Viscount tells them to dive to the sunken ship and retrieve the Final Key, much to their shock, considering the near-freezing temperatures.[14] Despite this, the group is able to find the Final Key before freezing to death. With all the pieces of the puzzle at hand, the Viscount victoriously enters the Tower, where the Super Big Power Crystal awaits its owner.[15] Just as the Viscount is about to make his wish, Crash steps forward and makes his wish of a large pile of Wumpa Fruit, much to the Viscount's grief. "May peace prevail on Earth," says Coco.

crash of the titans

In the beginning of the game, Crash Bandicoot aids Coco with a butter-recycling device.[10] This peace is interrupted by Doctor Neo Cortex, who arrives in his airship. Cortex captures Coco and Aku Aku, and encases Crunch in crystal. In an attempt to stop Doctor Cortex, Crash throws Coco's machine at the airship, and manages to sever Aku Aku's cage, which falls into the nearby forest. When Crash rescues Aku Aku, the latter explains that his powers are useless against the fierce mutants that they have encountered, and suspects that dark magic is involved.[11] When Crash and Aku Aku follow Cortex's blimp to see what he's up to, they discover that Cortex and Uka Uka are stealing all the mojo from the Temple of Zoom, an event somehow linked to the strange mutants that have appeared.[12] Upon reaching the roof of the Temple, Neo Cortex reveals his plot to use the stolen Mojo to create a huge army of loyal mutants, and use those mutants to build a colossal robot known as the Doominator, which will crush the Wumpa Islands and take over the world.[13] Uka Uka then leaves Cortex and his patented Yuktopus to deal with Crash and Aku Aku while he takes the Mojo and Coco back to their base.[14] After the Yuktopus fails to defeat Crash, Cortex boasts that Crash will never find their base, and flies off, leaving Crash and Aku Aku to follow him.[15]

Back at the Cortex base, Uka Uka derides Cortex for failing to destroy Crash, dismissing his antics as "ridiculous and appalling", and decides to replace him with his niece, Nina Cortex, despite protests from Neo, N. Gin, and Tiny Tiger.[16] Nina's first act as the main antagonist is to have Coco brainwashed and have her aid in the construction of the Doominator.[17] Meanwhile, Crash and Aku Aku come across a giant wood-cutting/mining area, where logging machinery and giant digging robots reign supreme, and all the trees in the would-be jungle are gone. After working their way through the logging areas, Crash and Aku Aku go into a tunnel that heads into a lake of lava surrounded by mountains. On the other side are two giant metallic mosquitoes, which are using drills to suck the minerals from the lava inside the volcanic area. After the two mosquitoes are destroyed, Tiny Tiger, who is behind the mining operations, literally jumps in to express his frustration with Crash for hindering his job and for not inviting him to Crash Tag Team Racing.[9][18] After a quick showdown of sorts, Crash uses a Shellephant to force Tiny to tell them where Coco has been taken. Tiny spills the beans that she is being held at the factory on the beach, and that Nina has taken over the leadership role, to which Aku Aku and Crash display much disbelief. Upon realizing that this is the truth, Aku Aku and Crash head to the beach in a hurry.[19]

Crash and Aku Aku arrive at the beach and begin to approach the factory. Crash, who realizes just how far away the factory is, throws a large temper tantrum, eventually moving on, having accepted that he must save his sister. After a long trek through the beach and its surrounding jungle area, Crash and Aku Aku move through a sewer line, finally arriving outside the factory, which appears to be modelled after N. Gin. Finally infiltrating the factory, Crash confronts N. Gin in the head of the Statue of Liberty-like base. After a quick showdown, Aku Aku demands information from N. Gin, who responds by having a conversation between two of his conflicting beliefs: one part of N. Gin wants Neo Cortex to be freed, while the other is happy with Nina's new way of ruling. Eventually, they reach a compromise in which N. Gin will tell Crash and Aku Aku where the others are, believing they will help Cortex.[20] Aku Aku once more demands information, and N. Gin delivers, stating that the area they seek is in Uka Uka's lab, which is located on the giant tree in the center of Wumpa Islands.[21]

Aku Aku, knowing the island best, warps himself and Crash to the tree, which is more infested with Titans than any other area. Uka Uka senses Aku Aku's presence through the Mojo, and stays in the lab while Nina goes to work on the Doominator.[22] Arriving in the middle of the tree, Aku Aku notices a giant house, with flashing lights coming out of all the windows, and electricity spewing from the bottom. The duo enters the house, where they encounter Uka Uka in the furthest most room. Uka Uka floats towards the top of the room, where he points out the large electric beams flowing towards a familiar device. Uka Uka asks Crash if he remembers the device, noting its name as the Evolvo-Ray, used by Doctor Neo Cortex to create Crash in the first game of the series. Uka Uka then fires the ray upon himself, which causes a body of wood and vines to grow from the back of his mask.[23] Uka Uka faces his defeat soon after, and claims he'll have the last laugh, as Nina Cortex is already about to launch the Doominator robot. Aku Aku disregards this, telling Crash that he senses Coco, and can warp them to the Doominator.[24]

Upon doing this, the duo arrives at the bottom of the Doominator. They enter the base, which is similar to a giant museum-like mansion. At the end of the mansion is an entrance to the giant dome that rests on the Robot's head. The dome is filled with molten metal produced from the processes that run the Doominator. After Crash and Aku Aku pass this area, they finally arrive at the face of the Robot, which resembles Neo Cortex. The two enter the robot, and are confronted by Nina Cortex. Nina finally releases her uncle, commanding him to keep the robot on course with Wumpa Island itself, which the Cortexes plan to destroy. Cortex responds by ordering Crash to "take out this terrible excuse for a niece!"[25] Nina summons her Arachnina robot, and fights Crash.[26] Crash eventually overcomes the robot, and destroys it. Coco is freed, and the Doominator can be disabled. The collapsing Doominator just barely misses the Bandicoot home (and Crunch), sparing much of Wumpa Island. Escaping the collapsed Doominator, Cortex praises Nina for betraying him, and promises to be more evil in the near future, but proclaims that he's still going to spank Nina stupid for all of this. The Bandicoots decide that it is time for celebration, leading Crash to shout his first word and the object of their celebration: pancakes.[27]

The Nintendo DS version of the game largely follows the same story of the home console versions, but with minor tweaks involved, such as Nina Cortex having a more predominant role and the inclusion of Dingodile.[6] The Game Boy Advance version also includes Dingodile, and has some plot differences, such as the Arachnina (reffered to by its old name, "Spiderbot") not being the last boss, and Cortex being reinstated after Nina's defeat in the N. Trapment Island (the penultimate island in the game).

crash nitro kart

Crash Nitro Kart features 16 playable characters, most of whom require unlocking. Only six characters are available to play in Adventure mode and they are in turn divided into two teams, with Crash Bandicoot, Coco Bandicoot and Crunch Bandicoot forming Team Bandicoot and Doctor Neo Cortex, Doctor N. Gin and Tiny Tiger forming Team Cortex. In all races (except boss races), two members of each team compete against each other.

Two additional teams compete alongside Team Bandicoot and Team Cortex in the races, both of whom are not playable in Adventure Mode, but are playable in all other modes. One team consists of Nitros Oxide and his two new minions Zam and Zem. The other team consists of N. Trance, Polar and Dingodile. Both Oxide and Trance are available to play at the start of the game, but Zam, Zem, Polar and Dingodile have to be unlocked by winning a purple, green, blue and red gem (respectively) in Adventure Mode.

Like in Crash Team Racing, the two teams have to content against various bosses, whom are represented by the champions of their respective planets, as described frequently by Emperor Velo. In order, the two teams face off against Krunk, Nash, Norm and Geary before confronting the evil Emperor himself. Only Velo is playable; he is unlocked after winning the game with both teams, although he does not participate in any races outside his own.

As well as the three main members, each team has a fourth member that does not participate in any races unless they themselves are being used. With the exception of Velo, none of them appear in Adventure Mode. Pura is unlocked by successfully performing 50 consecutive slide boosts using a member of Team Bandicoot. Fake Crash is unlocked by doing the same thing with Team Cortex. Much like his appearance in Crash Team Racing, Dr. Nefarious Tropy is unlocked by beating all his ghosts in Time Trial mode. Once unlocked, these three characters are playable under N. Trance's team, Team Bandicoot and Team Cortex, respectfully. Velo, upon being unlocked, is playable under N. Oxide's team.

Like in Crash Team Racing, Aku Aku and Uka Uka appear every so often to give hints to Team Bandicoot (in Aku's case) and Team Cortex (in Uka's case), as well as to protect their respective teams, plus bonus members, as a race power-up. A third mask, which resembles Velo, is used to protect Oxide and Trance's teams.

The Game Boy Advance version differs slightly from the console version. In this version of the game, 19 characters are playable. All of the bosses can be unlocked after beating them in Adventure Mode. N. Oxide is an unlockable character in this version of the game, whilst Polar and Dingodile are available for play at the beginning. N. Tropy (also locked) competes alongside the other characters in this version. Pura, Zam and Zem are all absent, whilst Spyro the Dragon appears as a bonus character.

At the Bandicoot Home, Crash is sleeping, Coco is working on her cart and Crunch is lifting weights while Aku Aku is watching him when suddenly a bright light appears and abducts their entire house. Meanwhile, at Cortex Castle, Cortex is trying to think up another plan to defeat the bandicoots, but as he sends Tiny to assist N. Gin with his latest experiment, the castle tower is abducted by the same white light.

Crash, Coco, Crunch, Cortex, N. Gin, and Tiny exit their respective domiciles and find themselves in a large coliseum in the middle of space. Cortex immediately blames Crash, but a giant holographic display of a large alien head interrupts him. The head explains that he is Emperor Velo the 27th, ruler of the galaxy, that he has heard word about their racing skills, and that his people hunger for entertainment. He has taken them to this coliseum to race alongside Nitros Oxide, Zam, Zem, N. Trance, Polar, and Dingodile in his Galaxy Circuit. If they win, they win their freedom. If they refuse, Earth is destroyed. Faced with this threat, both teams agree to race for Velo in order to return home

Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos: Joey the Passion

Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos: Joey the Passion is a PC video game developed by Konami. It is part of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos series, which also includes Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos: Kaiba the Revenge and Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos: Yugi the Destiny. Like the other two games before it, this game features duels against Joey Wheeler. It can combine with both games before it to expand the card library even further. This is also the only game in the series that supports LAN games with other players. It has a street type feel, with the dueling field spray-painted onto asphalt.

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tom and jerry the magic ring

The story starts out in a creepy-looking mansion, where Tom, as usual, chases Jerry. Meanwhile, in the basement, a wizard named Chip is making a magical potion, using these ingredients: warts from a bullfrog, one stick of butter, and milk from a cow that lives in Calcutta. With a count of three, he uses his magic ring to make his potion, until it is realized that it doesn't work. Chip checks the milk carton that he used on the potion, but there is no substitution for the milk of a cow that lives in Calcutta.

Later, Tom ends up in the basement, and Chip orders him to guard his magic ring while he goes to Calcutta to milk a cow. If Tom does a good job, he'll be rewarded with a big juicy salmon, but if not, he shall be kicked out of the house. Chip leaves for Calcutta by using his motorcycle, and Tom guards the ring.

Behind Tom's back, Jerry climbs up on the table, where Chip left his magic ring. Jerry wears the ring on his head as if it were a crown, which makes him look royal. Tom spots Jerry, and orders him to give back the ring. Soon, Jerry runs out of the house, and Tom frantically attempts to find him.

After losing Tom, Jerry tries to pull the ring off his head, but it is stuck, to his horror. He attempts to get it removed by going to the store of a diamond cutter, who is heading for lunch. The store is closed, but right when the diamond cutter leaves out of his building, Tom steals his key and goes inside. Tom disguises as him to get the ring off of Jerry. He uses several methods, which all fail, then Tom's fake mustache falls off, revealing his true identity. Tom chases our mouse throughout the store, and soon, the diamond cutter returns. Tom and Jerry exit the store.

Jerry runs off into a fortune-teller home, where an Irish dog and Droopy are residing in. After seeing how lovely Jerry's ring looks, and including the fact that Jerry wants it removed, the Irish dog attempts to pull it off. Tom comes in, and Jerry runs out, with the Irish dog chasing after him as well.

Soon, they end up in an alley, where Butch happens to be taking a nap. He wakes up and tries to grab Jerry for his dinner. Tom successfully grabs Jerry, and by pressing the ring on his head, makes random objects fall on a horrified Butch.

Accidentally, Jerry's ring increases the size of a banana peel, which Tom trips on, and gets knocked unconscious by the door of a pet store.

A kind old lady comes out and brings the two inside. Jerry is put in a cage with his nephew, a dim-witted mouse named Nibbles, as well as two mouse thugs: his cousin Freddie (Formerly Muscles), and Joey, Freddie's dumber partner. Unfortunately, Tom is thrown in a cage with Spike and his son Tyke. The mice harass both Nibbles and Jerry, but Jerry then zaps Nibbles to turn him giant and turns Freddie and Joey into cheese. This leads to a chase between Nibbles and the cheese mice, who all run out the door.

A young boy comes and buys Jerry, but Tom grabs the mouse from him after Jerry's ring busts his cage-door loose. The child cries and his mother sends policemen after the cat. Spike and Tyke get out of the building as well, but right when Tom steps on Tyke. Now, Spike and Tyke are added in the chase.

After a segment of running, Jerry freezes the people after them. Tom and Jerry shake hands, and together, they go back home.

Tom politely asks Jerry to remove the ring, but he still can't. Our cat takes out a flamethrower to get the ring off, somehow, but Jerry runs around the house in fear.

The mouse finds a ring-removal liquid, which gets it off. Tom finds Jerry and demands the ring, which Jerry throws into the tunnel leading to the basement's waste-basket. Tom frantically jumps in as well, but gets the ring stuck to his finger.

Tom hears his master coming and tries to get the ring off, with no prevail. Chip, believing that Tom attempted to steal his ring, kicks him out of the house, where the ring falls off Tom's finger, but to his horror, unfreezes everybody who was chasing him.

The movie ends with Jerry turning the salmon into cheese.

tom and jerry blast of mars

This cartoon opens with two birds setting up a nest. The nest falls off when a crash is heard.

Inside the house, Tom (voiced by Bill Kopp) is chasing Jerry (not voiced) around. While they chase, Tom tries to hit Jerry with a picture frame. Then he attempts to hit him with a vase. After that, Tom tries to hit Jerry with the head of a statue!

Tom then tries to grab Jerry, but misses. Then Jerry enters the kitchen and climbs onto the table, where he is safe until Tom arrives.

Frightened, Jerry runs on the soap, which falls on the ground and causes Tom to step on it and slip. After Tom crashed into the wall, the ironing board hit his head! Then the iron landed on his head!

Angry, Tom started chasing Jerry. Tom had a frying pan, which he tried to hit Jerry with, but ended up hitting the dishes, which broke, as a result of missing. Jerry turned on the stove burners, then Tom burned himself. Afterwards, Jerry turned on the food mixer, which Tom consequently got caught in. Then Jerry turned on the blender, which was open, so when Tom accidentally crashed into it, food went all over the place!

Then Jerry made it to a toaster, but when he turned around, there was Tom, with orange food all over him, and eggs in his eyes. After Tom cleaned himself up, he stuck out his claws, and tried to jump towards Jerry, but Tom got his head stuck in the toaster!

Then Jerry pulled out the string from the blinds. Then he used the string to lasso to the fan. Then he raspberried Tom, who sped up the fan. Then Tom laughed.

Then Jerry landed on top of the fridge. Then Tom took out a meat tenderizer, while errywas pushing the cookie jar, which lands on Tom's head, and then, Tom is trapped in the dishwasher. Jerry, who recently took a cookie, turned on the dishwasher and escaped from the kitchen, as a result of being left a chance to escape.

Moments later, the dishwasher can't handle it anymore, and then, dishwasher soap and bubbles and even water go all are all over the floor, and then, the dishwasher breaks. Afterwards, the wall can't handle the pressure, and pipes start breaking and leaking. Glass cups fall on the floor. and other boxes hit the ground, as well. Also, some cabinet doors break as a result. Consequently, the sink is sent flying into the air, along with Tom, both of which break a hole in the ceiling. Also, the blinds are broken.

In the sky, the sink is flying, and then, Tom hits it. Then an airplane is coming towards him. Tom tries to get away, but too late. He gets all his fur cut off and falls into the living room, where Jerry is enjoying his cookie when the sink hits the piano.

Jerry notices his cookie is gone. Then the chase continues.

Tom grabs Jerry, but Jerry squirts Tom with the kitchen sprayhose. Then they run around the living room. Tom throws tomatoes at Jerry, but misses, hiting another picture frame.

Tom throws spears at Jerry, but misses, and the spears hit the chaise lounge. Then Tom kicks a giant globe, but the globe hits the fireplace. Tom climbs up bottles, which shoot their caps towards the candle holder glass of the chandeliers! Then most of the bottles break.

Then Tom grabbed a mace, and tried to hit Jerry, but hit a vase, a bonsai, a faberge egg, a fishbowl, the same statue Jerry was on while eating his cookie, a decorative plate, a vase, some perfume bottles, then the last vase.

Then Tom grabs the cupid statue's arrows, then shoots them at Jerry with a harp as a bow, all the arrows, however, hit and broke the windows.

Later, Tom and Jerry take the chase to the backyard, where Tom gets his head stuck in a bucket, then he gets slowed down by a hammock.

Then he's thrown at the fence.

Meanwhile, Jerry sees Spike. Spike(voiced by Frank Welker) is enjoying his bone. Without Spike looking, Jerry steals the bone, then frames Tom for stealng it by putting it in his tail. Then Jerry hides behind a flower pot to see what happens.

Spike, angry, grabs Tom and swings him around, then he squeezes out the bone. Then Tom is flattened. Tom goes to a pump toget more air inside him. Jerry laughs at him, then the chase continues.

Tom gets angry, then he drives a lawnmower, then tries to kill Jerry.

The chase gets out of control, causing the lawnmower to go out of control. Spike's doghouse gets destroyed. Then trees get knocked down.

Then just as Spike was about to continue with his bone, the tree with a Tom-hole falls on the bone, sending Spike crying.

The chase goes into town, with the lawnmower on the road! Tom was hanging on the the rope attached to the lawnmower. The lawnmower goes out of control, hitting a car and some garbage cans, and Tom ending up on a child's skateboard.

There were also cars in the way, which almost ran Tom and Jerry over. Tom hits a stop sign and a fire hydrant.

Later, they are at the yard of the Space Place. The lawnmower is still raging through the place. The lawnmower shaves down some bushes and worse, shaves the leaves off of every tree they crash into. The lawnmower even destroyed the bench that the men were sitting on. The two men there mistook Tom and Jerry for vandals, so they took out rakes and chased after the two.

Then Tom and Jerry, who will still on the out-of-control lawnmower, ended up going over the water fountain, knocking the gold rocket statue over and crushing the men.

Then the lawnmower, after Tom hit another box, crashed, and Tom and Jerry crashlanded into the Space Place interior. That doesn't cause the chase to discontinue.

Jerry climbs up a rope in another room, and Tom follows him when Jerry pushes a sandbag down.

Then Tom falls, and Jerry giggles.

Tom follows Jerry and climbs up a ladder. Tom ends up by a rope, and as he attemps to get across, Jerry shakes the rope, causing Tom to lose his balance. Then he slowly crawls from the rope.

Meanwhile, there is a meeting going on in the stage area, where it is announced that Buzz Blister (voiced by Jess Harnell) and Biff Buzzard (voiced by Billy West) are going to Mars. The mission is to prove that there is no life on Mars (or so he thinks).

Meanwhile, Tom is almost to Jerry, when Jerry unties the rope, and then the curtain is knocked down. In the process, Tom gets covered in green paint, and so does Jerry (after Tom grabs him)!

Back on stage, Buzz announces that the "myth of little green men" will be ended when the curtain was knocked down. Tom and Jerry were mistaken for little green men until the green paint fell off. Then Dr. Gluckman and Commander Bristle (Brad Garrett), and Biff and Buzz tried to kill them, but Tom and Jerry got out too easily. However, they get involved in the chase. Then Tom gets kicked out.

Dr. Gluckman demonstrates what happens when he puts a single drop of water in the powdered pizza. The powder turns into pizza, salad, and root beer. Commander Bristle tastes the pizza, and it is delicious! Then it is time for the powdered food to be put in the rocket.

When the coast is clear, Jerry climbs up the table and finds some powdered turkey. Then he opens the bag, and puts a drop of water on it, and instantly, it turns into a turkey dinner! Then he finds a bag of powdered burger, and takes the eye dropper, but knockes over the cup in the process, and all the food comes to life, and as a result, the food goes all over the place in an explosion, because a glass water container broke after being hit by a cheeseburger. Then the Space Place is flooded by food, and Commander Bristle realizes that the food was rehydrated. Then Jerry runs off.

Tom is lured into the building with a fish. Not so long later, Tom is hired to get rid of Jerry, like Tom was trying to do this entire time.

Later, Tom is trapped in a centerfuge and the centerfuge is later sped up.

The centerfuge goes faster and faster until it starts falling apart. Then it flies all over the place.

The door flies off and Tom melts out of there. Then Jerry laughs. Then Tom is back to normal and Jerry runs off, and the chase continues.

Then they start riding on missiles! Don't try this at home!

While riding missiles, Tom tries to get to Jerry again, but Jerry spins Tom's missile before he could even touch him! Tom gets back to the top of his missile and pulls a lever and speeds up. Then he tries to grab Jerry, but the missiles are out of fuel. They hug each other in fear.

They hit the rocket and then land next to the top, and Buzz thinks someone dropped a wrench.

Biff and Buzz start mentioning Martians, and they say they won't be afraid if they saw real Martians.

Outside the rocket, another chase begins when Tom and Jerry wake up. They are chased into the rocket.

It is almost time to go to Mars, but now Biff has to go to the bathroom. He should've gone before they entered the rocket.

Then when Tom grabs Jerry, the rocket is ready to blast off just as Tom is about to eat Jerry.

Then the rocket is leaving the atmosphere, and Tom is losing grip of the ship. When Biff and Buzz are clear to jettison initial stage, Tom is safe…or so he thinks. When he manages to get ahold of the ship, he gets burned by rocket fuel.

Meanwhile, Jerry is enjoying himself in the rocket, reading a book and eating peanuts when Tom storms in. Jerry waves to Tom. Meanwhile, Commander Bristle sends Biff and Buzz a congratulations, because they are now leaving Earth's atmosphere. Then comes zero gravity.

As well, Jerry and Tom were flying, due to zero gravity. When Tom couldn't grab him, Jerry laughed at Tom. Tom tried to eat Jerry again, but failed. Then Tom hit something which opened, and Tom grabbed a tennis racket and played 2 notes to the music playing. Then he hit Jerry with the racket five times (playing tennis in zero gravity, even in a spaceship, is dangerous; you might break a window). Then Jerry finds an adjustable wrench. Jerry hits Tom with it, then Tom hits a window, which cracks, then breaks, resulting in an air leak. Tom gets his head caught in the window.

Biff and Buzz are urgently warned about the air leak (that had been caused by animals) and try to do something while Jerry tries to save Tom, but the emergency hatch is shut, and closes on Tom's neck! Jerry still manages to save Tom by reeling him in. Tom refills his head with air using a pump. Then the artificial gravity is turned back on after Buzz gets nauseous from the floating around. That resumes the chase between Tom and Jerry.

The chase continues in the navigation controls (Never do this in real life. It's dangerous.). Several wires are snapped, and as a result, it had to be corrected, or Biff and Buzz would crash into the Sun and be vaporized. The rocket's trajectory was discombobulated.

Back on Earth, Commander Bristle is watching The Jetsons when Dr. Gluckman warns him about the problem, then they nicely tell them about the problem.

Biff and Buzz are playing cards when they recieve this emergency message.

While Biff was trying to fix the problem, Jerry hits a switch sending the rocket at light speed!

But they end up at Mars, not crashing towards the Sun, luckily.

Biff gets back in the ship, dizzy and all beat up. He then angrilly strangles Buzz and they get in a short-lived fight that ends when Commander Bristle says they are finally at Mars. Biff and Buzz want to wait, so they can get used to it, but Commander Bristle suggest they get in the lander now, or he will decide to just leave them up there.

Jerry gets out of the hole, but Tom chases him into the lander. The lander hits Mars after Buzz and Biff enter it, unaware that Tom and Jerry are in there. Buzz tries to open the door, but it is locked, so he unlocks it, and then it opens.

Meanwhile, the chase between Tom and Jerry hasn't ended, just yet. Anyway, Biff and Buzz are about to be the first men on Mars…or so they think. Tom and Jerry continue their chase on Mars, so they must be the first men on Mars, except they are animals, not humans. In fact, it is not the Mars that Biff and Buzz imagined it to be. Biff pushes Buzz, and he is the first man on Mars, but really, Tom and Jerry may be the real first Earth beings on Mars, because they continued their chase there. Biff and Buzz return to Earth after only a few hours on Mars.

Tom and Jerry are cold on this planet, and Tom finds stuff lying around and refuses to share it with Jerry.

Tom tries to build a fire, but it backfires so much on him, that when he went too fast on rubbingt the stick and wood together, it caused a violent explosion that turns Tom to ashes. Tom tries to find food, but when he finds powdered steak, he opens the bag and just plain dumps it in his mouth. Then he spits it out, because water is needed for it to become steak. Then he throws the bag on the ground and jumps on it in rage. That's when he finds Jerry relaxing in a swimming pool. Then he sneaks to the pool like a snake and pokes a hole in the kiddy pool after Jerry splashes water in the cat's face.

Again, the chase continues from there, with Tom driving a vehicle with a robot arm when he crashes into a giant black wall. Tom got closer to it, trying to touch it while looking away with another paw covering his eyes, since he is afraid of what will happen. Jerry tips the giant wall, and then laughs after it smashes Tom, when a green female alien named Peep (voiced by Kathryn Fiore) arrives. Jerry and Peep look at each other when an alien dog, Ubu, growls, but Peep stops him, then two more Martians arrive and point their lasers at Jerry, but Peep stops them, too. An alien named Grob arrives, and later, Jerry is mistaken for the Great Gloop. Peep is the only one aware that is not true.

Tom makes it out from until the giant wall, but pulls up his fur when his right leg's fur was stretched. Then he runs off.

They reach their palace in Toledo, where Jerry is represented to King Thing (voiced by Billy West), and when King Thing stepped on a trumpet critter, he trips down the stairs, but he makes it to the bottom, in one piece.

While in Toledo, he is given treats. Everything was going just fine until Tom arrived after being distracted by the feast. He was completely mistaken for a giant. While Jerry is given gifts, it is reported that Tom has arrived. When Tom tries to pound Jerry, who saves Peep, then Tom tries to grab Jerry, but Peep pokes Tom with a fork. Then Tom tries to grab Jerry again, but Jerry gives Tom a red gelatin shaped like him, then Tom thinks he's bleeding! Tom crashes into a building, then Toledo is in rubble.

As a punishment, Tom is going to be dumped in a lava hole with a monster named Ted. Jerry is told to pull the lever when ready. But seconds later, Jerry is figured out for not being the Great Gloop! Jerry is confronted and ends up accidentally hitting the lever! Then Jerry tries to save Tom, but Tom is too heavy, and Ted charges toward Tom. Peep throws a beah ball to Ted, but the ball later pops. When Jerry slips on a banana peel, he loses his balance, but Peep saves Tom and Jerry by stealing a jetpack, then grabbing Tom and Jerry.

Now the Martians are going to plan to invade Earth. Peep double-crossed them so she can help Tom and Jerry. They go back to the palace and steal a flying saucer, so they can get back to Earth and warn everyone.

Back on Mars, the Invince-a-tron was on, but had to be fixed!

Back on Earth, Biff and Buzz were landing back on Earth, but they landed in the building! Biff said they need a maid.

Jerry ended up driving everyone to an asteroid field. When Peep woke up, she took over driving from there.

The Invince-a-tron was fixed, when it started flying, the car attached to it landed on King Thing!

Back where Tom, Jerry, and Peep were, Peep had to fix the saucer, because the engine stopped working.

Back on Earth, another meeting is going on outside, where Buzz says there is no life on Mars…or so he thinks.

Martians were here, and one of them vaporizes Biff!

Back at the area Tom, Jerry and Peep were at, Peep had successfully repaired the engine, and then they were bound to head back to Earth. When they returned, they had vaporized a few saucers, and to prove that Peep was on Tom and Jerry's side, she gave Jerry a white laser gun, which Jerry used to reintegrate everyone who was vaporized, including Biff.

Everyone is happy afterwards until the Invince-a-tron arrives! The Invince-a-tron sucks everyone up with its vacuum.

Tom, Jerry, and Peep do their best to stop Invince-a-tron, who starts sucking them up, so they evacuate the saucer.

Tom, Jerry, and Peepend up in the backyard, where they land in a pool. There is Spike again, enjoying another bone.

They hear an explosion, so Peep takes action, while Invince-a-tron threatens to suck everyone up. An umbrella hits Invince-a-tron, and Spike is about to enjoy his bone, but when Jerry steals it, he puts it in Invince-a-tron's head! This urges Spike to go after it.

Jerry and Peep free everyone after that.

Then the Invince-a-tron malfunctions completely. After Spike retrieves his bone, he returns to his doghouse, which is crushed by one of Invince-a-tron's hands, and Spike's bone (the one in his mouth) breaks. Then he cries again.

In the news, it is reported that Tom, Jerry, and Peep are heroes!

In another meeting, Tom and Jerry are eing thanked for everything when Spike arrives! The Invince-a-tron is back, and Spike is controlling him! Peep helps Jerry get away from Invince-a-tron! Peep kisses Jerry.

Later, Biff and Buzz are forced to clean up the entire mess. They get in a fight.

Then a chase between Spike (in the Invince-a-tron) and Tom is seen, which ends the movie.

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dragon ball GT final bout

Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout, known in Japan as Dragon Ball Final Bout (ドラゴンボール ファイナルバウト Doragonbōru Fainaru Bauto?), is a fighting game for the Sony PlayStation. The game is similar to other fighters but features 3D environments and characters from the Dragon Ball universe. Besides the typical cast, the game features unlockable characters, usually being either Super Saiyan versions of existing characters or alternate versions (such as Kid Goku being an alternate version, and Adult Goku being part of the standard set).

The original North American edition was released in 1997, a year after the premiere of Dragon Ball GT in Japan. Only 10,000 copies were produced due to the series being unfamiliar with audiences. Up until a re-release of the game in 2004, Final Bout enjoyed some of the highest collectible premiums a PlayStation game has ever seen, with prices on Ebay ranging from $100- $250. It has also been one of the PlayStation's best-selling games, with releases ranging from 1997 to 2002 and finally to 2004. The game debuted in Japan and Europe in 1997 despite Great Britain not seeing a release until later in 2002.

Akin to many Dragon Ball licensed games, the critical response to Final Bout was less than stellar. Frequent criticisms included sluggish controls and an overcharge of playable Goku versions.[citation needed]

While Final Bout reaped a long sleet of sales, it was assumed that Bandai was no longer developing games based on the Dragon Ball franchise. As a result, some rare in-production screenshots showed that the game may have looked sleeker than the final product.[citation needed]

The North American version did not feature the voice actors then working on Dragon Ball Z and instead opted to go for uncredited voice actors, whereas the European version used the original Japanese voice actors.

While the graphics seem blocky and out of date by today's standards, the music is still held in high regard. The music mostly contains rearranged versions of music used in Bandai's Super Famicom DragonBall games with the exception of a few new songs such as Super Saiyan Goku 4's theme "Hero of Heroes".

Also, the game featured one of the first FMV introductions in the DragonBall game series. The video, consisting of entirely new animation, shows the various playable characters fighting each other, albeit in a non-canonical way. The video is set up to "The Biggest Fight", a song specifically composed for the game and sung by regular DragonBall vocalist Hironobu Kageyama. This would be his last contribution to the music of Dragon Ball Z until 2003 when Kageyama performed a new song set to another FMV introduction for the game Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2 and once again for Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3.

dragon ball GT final bout

monster rancher 2

The story of Monster Rancher 2 is largely non-linear with story events happening only after certain requirements are met (winning a battle, reaching a certain rank, etc.) The story begins with the main character going to register to become a trainer, it is there when Colt appears as the trainer's new official assistant. The "end" of the game is when a monster is able to beat the Big Four (the four highest ranked battles in the game) when this happens a video about the history of the monsters is shown. A monster who has beaten all four of the S class tournaments can then go on to compete in a special match for champion monsters like itself.

It is important to note that Monster Rancher 2 happens in close time proximity to Monster Rancher 1, but on a different continent (MR2 being set in the IMA area, and MR1 set in the FIMBA area), because of this there is a battle between the player and the assistant from the first game, Holly.

monster rancher

The world of Monster Rancher was once a highly advanced technology-oriented civilization. The people of this society were especially skilled at genetic engineering. Using gene manipulation, they were able to develop special designer pets and store their genetic information on stone tablets known as "disks", similar to CDs. Using these disks, the artificial animals could be regenerated at special shrines.

However, war broke out between the countries of the civilization. The pets were modified into biological weapons, and the war of the monsters began. The great civilizations completely annihilated each other, leaving nothing but relics behind, and much of the world's technology was lost. The monsters were sealed into their mystery disks and hidden away.

Centuries later, as humanity was just beginning to rediscover basic technology, people found the artifacts owned by the so-called "Ancients" and attributed divine properties to them. They also discovered the lost disks and shrines. Using these, monsters were again born.only through the power of the phoenix could the lost discs be revived back into into living monsters

Thus started a popular new sport, Monster Breeding. Breeders or trainers raised monsters for battle to compete in nation-wide tournaments to see who could raise the strongest beast.

donald duck quack attack

Disney's Donald Duck: Goin' Quackers,[a] known as Disney's Donald Duck: Quack Attack[a] in Europe, is a video game made for Nintendo 64, Nintendo GameCube, Sony PlayStation, Sony PlayStation 2, and Sega Dreamcast systems. It was also released for Windows-based personal computers and a completely different game with the same title was released for Game Boy Color handheld, as well as on Game Boy Advance, the latter being given the title Donald Duck Advance.

In this game Donald Duck must rescue Daisy Duck from Merlock the Magician (the villain from DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp) but in order to do so he must compete with Gladstone Gander, his archrival, as well as recover a piece of Gyro Gearloose's Tubal Teleport System and reverse the spells that Merlock put on Donald's nephews' toys. Other familiar characters include the Beagle Boys and Magica De Spell. This game was made in 2000 in a homage to Carl Barks (who died in the same year) and was developed by Ubisoft in collaboration with Disney Interactive.

Interestingly, Scrooge McDuck does not appear in this game; however Donald Duck could "Double jump" in this game.

Coincidentally, Disney also produced a Donald-focused record album called Goin' Quackers in 1980. However, other than the title, there seem to be no intentional similarities

rampage 2 universal tour

George, Lizzie, and Ralph have been captured for the world to see. George is held at New York, Lizzie is imprisoned in Tokyo, and Ralph is stored in London (references to King Kong, Godzilla , and Wolfman respectively). Scumlabs, who have just rebuilt their faculties, causes another accident that results in three new monsters: Curtis, a fast mouse, Boris, a powerful rhino, and Ruby, who is a giant lobster. The monsters go around eating people, kicking cars, fighting the military, and destroying everything. Shortly after they rescue the other three monsters from captivity, aliens appear and try to take over the world. The monsters fight them until they arrive at Area 51, where they free an alien monster named Myukus, who has two alternate versions; a low-stat, black monster named Noobus, and a stronger and pink version named Pucous (whose name is rendered in incomprehensible alien letters in the Nintendo 64 and Playstation versions; his name appears normally in the Game Boy Color version). The rest of the game deals with the monsters' adventure through outer space.

nascar rumble

In NASCAR Rumble, the main object of the game is to win a race or series of races against one to five opponents. They race in normal or souped-up stock cars from the at-the-time NASCAR Winston Cup Series, in addition to several Craftsman Truck Series drivers, unlockable past NASCAR legends, and everyday vehicles.

An interesting feature of Rumble is the power-ups. These can be collected and used for assistance. Players may also choose how often these appear. They are:

  • Nitro - increases speed to max of twenty miles per hour faster than normal.
  • Bold tires - increases handling by two times normal.
  • Bad gas - gradually reduces speed and lowers acceleration.
  • Oil slick - decreases handling by two times normal.
  • Joker - randomly activates one of the four above power-ups.
  • Storm^ - sends a storm cloud over the opponent in the next position decreasing vision and randomly jerking tires.
  • Freeze^ - sends a frost to the opponent in the next position locking tires in place.
  • Tornado^ - sends a tornado that sucks up every car in its path.
  • Invincible - protects from all negative power-ups.
  • Big Rumble - creates a huge red bumper on the front, when you hit with this they go flying.

"^" Means that it will have no effect if the vehicle is travelling under 60 mph and also will not effect teamate.

There are also three racing classes. These determine how fast a car can travel and also its physical appearance. These can be determined by the player. They are:

  • Rookie: The starter class. All the cars in this category look stock, with no modifications. Max normal speed is 160 mph.
  • Pro: The middle class, with semi-modified cars. Have a little vent in the hood and have a more aggressive and aerodynamic appearance than the Rookie cars. Max normal speed is 170 mph.
  • Elite: The best class. Cars' aerodynamics are heavily modified and the engines feature blowers. Max normal speed is 180 mph.

The speeds vary depending on the type of vehicle. Trucks are two miles per hour slower than the regular car's speeds (which are listed above). Likewise, the legends are wo miles per hour slower.

GTA san andreas

After living in Liberty City for five years, Carl "CJ" Johnson returns home to Los Santos for his mother's funeral. There, he finds his family and gang, the Grove Street Families, in disarray. While ironing out issues with his fellow gang members and fighting enemy gangs for territory within the city, Carl begins to bring the Grove Street Families back to prominence. However, with the Families on the cusp of retaking control of Los Santos, he discovers that his best friends, Big Smoke and Ryder, are working with the crooked Officer Frank Tenpenny and Grove Street's rival gang, the Ballas. Smoke and Ryder set a trap and help the Ballas ambush Sweet, Carl's brother. Tenpenny sends the police to arrest Sweet and kidnap Carl, whom Tenpenny ditches in the distant rural countryside. Carl, realizing Tenpenny is his only hope of staying out of jail or getting Sweet released, continues to run the cop's crooked errands, in the process killing or discrediting people involved in building a criminal case against Tenpenny.

Carl steadily befriends new allies, among them blind Chinese Triad leader and businessman Wu Zi Mu, a hippie called The Truth, and Cesar Vialpando, a Hispanic gang member who, like Carl, has been betrayed by his old friends. Carl and his friends open a garage in San Fierro while they wait for an opportunity to return to Los Santos. After finding and killing Ryder, Carl becomes immersed in the affairs of a shady government agent, Mike Toreno, who implies that he will release Sweet if Carl helps him with his covert operations. Then, Carl works alongside Wu Zi Mu to promote the growth of a new casino in the mafia-run Las Venturas. Consequently, Carl enjoys newfound wealth and eventually returns to Los Santos. Toreno makes good on his earlier promise to release Sweet, but much to Carl's surprise, his brother wants no part of Carl's new lifestyle. Sweet insists on returning to the hood and working to reestablish the GSF rather than rest on the laurels of Carl's success.

Tenpenny goes to trial for several felonies, but the charges are dropped for lack of evidence, as all the prosecution's witnesses are either missing or dead. Tenpenny's release sends the citizens of Los Santos into a citywide riot, similar to the 1992 Los Angeles Riots. Fueled by Sweet's resolve to topple Big Smoke, who has become the city's biggest drug kingpin, Carl reacquires lost gang territory and hunts down the traitors responsible for pushing drugs that destroyed the Families. He kills Big Smoke in a shootout, escapes from the burning crack palace and Tenpenny shows up and flees with Smoke's drug fortune. Sweet and Carl pursue Tenpenny through the streets of Los Santos in a car chase. Tenpenny loses control of his firetruck, and he drives it off a bridge. Carl is about to shoot him, "just to make sure it's finally over," but is stopped by Sweet. Sweet simply tells him, "It's just a cop that died in a car accident." Tenpenny then dies from his injuries. The final scene shows the Johnson family and Cesar walking back to the house to get something to eat while CJ waves his hand in Tenpenny's face simply saying, "see you around officer" while the Johnsons are celebrating Madd Dogg walks into the house & announces that he has just earned his first gold record.

crash bash

In an unknown part of space, Aku Aku has an argument with his brother Uka Uka about whether good is truly stronger than evil. Aku Aku decides that they must settle this once and for all, but when Uka Uka attempts to fight, Aku Aku reminds him that there could be no malice between them. Uka Uka and Aku Aku agree on holding a contest, with Aku Aku's players going against Uka Uka's. Aku Aku summons Crash and Coco, while Uka Uka summons Doctor Neo Cortex, Doctor Nitrus Brio, Tiny Tiger, Koala Kong, Dingodile and Rilla Roo. Aku Aku protests, saying that Uka Uka's side has too many players, saying that he could win with equal sides if his confidence in evil is high. Demanding that he surrenders two of his team, Uka Uka agrees and Aku Aku chooses Tiny and Dingodile. With that, the games finally begin.

If the good side wins, Uka Uka, extremely furious, demands to know what kind of trickery was used to defeat his team. Aku Aku denies using any tricks, and announces that he knew from the start that Uka Uka was actually attempting to steal the Crystals. Uka Uka, filled with rage, decides to take it all out on Cortex and Brio when Aku Aku locks the Crystals away in a stone cabinet. He claims that the Crystals are too powerful to be left lying around, and in that cabinet the Crystals will remain safe for all eternity. Uka Uka demands what is this, and Aku Aku gives him the penalty for disturbing the Crystals. Uka Uka is ejected into space.

If the evil side wins, a supernatural storm rages throughout the universe announcing that Uka Uka has won. He reveals that it was his plan all along to steal the Crystals, and that now all of them are his, along with their power. Aku Aku wonders how on Earth he could be so naïve to think that good by itself could triumph over evil. Now that Uka Uka has become too powerful for anyone to handle, Aku Aku pleads Crash and Coco to run away and save themselves. The Mighty Uka Uka bellows that there is nowhere to run or to hide.

If one player is good and the other player is evil, Aku Aku and Uka Uka will state that they must fight each other to find out which side is stronger. The mini-game played, called "Tie Breaker", is a Crate Crush level with music from Papu Pummel. Here, the players fight against each other with the same rules and events that occur in Jungle Bash. The only difference between the two mini-games is that the extra one consists of only two players and takes place in Hyperspace on a stone floor with small stone walls around the edges. After winning one round, the announcer will say "Good wins" for the good character and "Evil wins" for the evil character. Whoever wins three rounds determines the ending.

shaman king spirit of shamans

Shaman King: Spirit of Shamans is based on the anime, in which you will complete the first half of the overall story featured within the anime/manga series. This is the first fighting game featured within the series. The graphics seem to reflect other styles seen within the original Gundam Battle Assault, in which you will be playing right-to-left with advanced sprite graphics. Your spirit can also be regularly used within this fighter as to assist you. At random times in battle, the icon of your specific spirit will flash, in which if you press either O or X fast enough, your overall spirit meter will rise. When risen to the highest extent, you can unleash your ultimate. Within this game, three different buttons vary from a weak attack, or a more stronger attack. The combo system seems to range up to the max of 10 in battle. Story mode, Vs mode, and Arcade mode are the three playable modes within this game. In Story mode, you will experience various cutscenes and additional minigames. Arcade mode seems to be the same except for the fact that you will be continuously battling. Of course within Vs mode, you can battle against a friend or a com. Overall within this game, 17 characters are playable (3 of which being different versions of Yoh). It is known that Hao can also be playable, but a Gameshark code is needed. Fortunately, as well within battle, character voices will be experienced rather commonly, in which anime cutscenes will be experienced at times - such as in the intro. Overall, it seems that Shaman King: Spirit of Shamans is the best 2D fighter of its series.

toy story 2

Some time after the events in Toy Story, Andy is getting ready to go to Cowboy Camp with Woody, but accidentally tears his arm while playing with him. Unable to take him to camp, his mom stores Woody on a shelf. The next day Woody finds the toy penguin Wheezy, who has been left long abandoned on the shelf after his squeaker failed. Woody fears the same fate will befall him, particularly as Andy's mom takes items, including Wheezy, from the room for a yard sale. Woody sets off to rescue his fellow toy with the assistance of Andy's dog Buster, but ends up stuck on a table after saving Wheezy. Al McWiggin, an obsessive toy collector, spots Woody and first attempts to bargain with Andy's mom for him, but resorts to stealing him. Buzz Lightyear tries to save Woody but is unable to keep up with Al's car; however, he uses the car's license plate and a feather pulled from the car to identify Al as the owner of "Al's Toy Barn". Buzz, Mr. Potato Head, Rex, Slinky Dog, and Hamm, set out on a rescue mission to recover Woody before Andy returns home.

Al brings Woody back to his apartment, where Woody meets other toys: a yodeling cowgirl named Jessie, an affectionate steed named Bullseye, and Stinky Pete the Prospector (an unsold toy still in its original box). They reveal to Woody that he is a vintage "Sheriff Woody" collectible doll and the star of a forgotten children's TV show, Woody's Roundup. Furthermore, he is the last piece needed before Al can sell the toys and assorted memorabilia to a Japanese toy museum. Woody, though initially astounded at the display, refuses to go to Japan and abandon Andy, but is persuaded towards staying after Jessie describes her sad past of being a toy once loved by a young girl, but then was left forgotten as the girl grew up and eventually left at a charity drop, and that the same could happen with Andy. Al brings in a toy restorer to repair Woody's arm and to clean up the toy before shipping it off.

Buzz and the other toys make their way to Al's Toy Barn, located across the street from Al's apartment . As they search the store, Buzz gets in a scuffle with a new Buzz Lightyear action figure, with the new Buzz being mistaken for Andy's Buzz, and Andy's Buzz stuck in a display box. The group discover Al in his office and stow away in a duffel bag as he goes back to his apartment. Andy's Buzz manages to escape the display box and gives chase across the street, but unknowingly releases an Evil Emperor Zurg action figure, who follows Buzz. The other toys, left in Al's car, find a route to the elevator shaft to get to Al's apartment, and finally meet up with Woody, with Andy's Buzz following them. Woody tells them he doesn't want to be rescued and intends to go with his new friends to Japan, since he is now a "collector's item". Andy's Buzz, in a role reversal from the first movie, tells Woody that he is a toy, meant to be played with instead of being on display in a museum. With Buzz's advice, Woody abandons his plans to go to Japan, and invites the rest of the Roundup gang to be Andy's toys. Jessie and Bullseye agree, but Stinky Pete - holding a grudge against the "space toys" like Buzz who drove cowboy toys like them out of fashion - actually leaves his box and locks Woody, Jessie, and Bullseye in the room, saying that the museum trip is his first chance (since he was never sold) and won't have Woody messing it up for him. Al shortly returns and packs up the toys before Buzz's group can rescue them, then heads to the airport.

The other toys give chase but encounter the Emperor Zurg toy in the elevator. They are able to defeat it, but Zurg says "Buzz, I am your father!" to the new Buzz, an obvious reference to Star Wars. The new Buzz decides to stay behind with Zurg. Andy's Buzz and the other toys hijack a Pizza Planet delivery truck and drive to the airport. Entering the luggage area, they find the crates containing the Roundup Gang toys and rescue Woody and Bullseye against Stinky Pete's attempts to stop them; the toys send Stinky Pete off with a face painted Barbie doll, letting him experience being played with by a child. However, the group is unable to rescue Jessie before the crate is loaded onto a plane. Giving chase, Woody, Buzz, and Bullseye manage to rescue her as the plane is taking off, with Woody tearing his arm again during the effort.

Some time later, the toys have returned to Andy's room, just in time to be there for Andy's return from camp; the toys took one of the baggage carriers from the airport and dumped it on the neighbor's lawn. Andy is surprised by the appearance of the Jessie and Bullseye doll, thinking them presents from his mother, and carefully repairs Woody's arm himself; Jessie and Bullseye are elated to be accepted as toys once again. The toys also learn that Al has gone bankrupt over failing to deliver the toys to the museum. Woody admits to Buzz that he knows that Andy will someday outgrow him, but that Buzz will be there with him, "for infinity and beyond."

megaman x8

It is the year 21XX. The Reploid rebellions across the past years continue, seemingly with no possible solution despite the Maverick Hunters' best efforts.

Seeing this as a completely unnecessary worry, mankind has begun the next generation of research and development by constructing an orbital elevator able to take equipment and handwork to the moon where they seek to expand their horizons to space. This operation is labeled as "Jakob Project", with the orbital elevator bearing its name.

As another part of the project, a highly advanced new generation of Reploids is dispatched to the moon surface in order to work on the plans of the project. Everything seems to be running smoothly until one of the personnel transport carts explodes off the spiral track of the elevator and crashes down near the elevator site.

X, who was tracking around the area, is the first to arrive. After requesting a rescue squad, a rising figure from the debris draws his attention. As the many bog bodies come out of the fire, X's face changes into one of deep shock and fear. A vision of a nightmare appears in front of his very own eyes: an army of Sigmas climbing out of the crimson fire.

A single young Reploid who was being protected by the Sigmas is revealed, as he explains the situation. The Sigmas within the transport are really some of the New Generation Reploids, able to use DNA data to change their shapes. They are the perfect workers because they can change their shape according to a task. Claiming that their new systems makes them immune to all viruses, X relaxes as he asks the identity of the young Reploid. He introduces himself as Lumine, the director in charge of the Orbital Elevator, and the Jakob Project itself.

A few hours after the crash, a Maverick riot near the elevator site in the Galapagos calls for X, Axl, and Zero in order to stop a unique crab-like Mechaniloid. They manage to defeat it, but are then interrupted by a hail of missiles from Vile, who has apparently been resurrected from his earlier defeat in Mega Man X3. Vile has kidnapped Lumine for unknown reasons, and it becomes the Maverick Hunters' mission to rescue him.

However, what the Hunters do not know is that Sigma has returned once again, this time with his most ambitious plot yet. In Mega Man X7, it was revealed that Axl is the first of his kind, a prototype next-generation Reploid that has the ability to copy other reploids' DNA via a copy chip. In addition, these new Reploids have subroutines built in to prevent them from going Maverick. In X8, these next-generation robots have begun rolling off the assembly lines to work on the Jakob Project because they can copy strong Reploids, presumably at a lower cost than building the stronger Reploid itself.

Sigma's plan is simple. Contained on every single copy chip in these robots is Sigma's own DNA, meaning that the next-generation 'Maverick-Proof' reploids are in fact able to go Maverick at will. He seeks to scorch Earth to remove the "old generation" and repopulate it with his "children," a much more efficient method of domination than his previous attempts. What he did not count on was Lumine. When Sigma is inevitably defeated in his palace, Lumine steps in to take the entire operation over and kill the Maverick Hunters (it can be assumed he would have eventually tried this without the Maverick Hunters anyway). Lumine gloats to the Hunters that, in order for evolution to take its course, he and his fellow new-generation Reploids must destroy all that remains of the old world, both humans and "obsolete" Reploids alike. After a massive struggle, Lumine is defeated. When Axl walks up to Lumine's empty shell of a body, however, he is shocked as a tentacle springs from it and damages the crystal on his head.

As the three different characters ride back down the Jakob Elevator, Zero wonders if he no longer has to fight now that Sigma is dead for good, while X ponders Lumine's words on evolution. Axl is borderline conscious, but his shattered crystal can be seen glowing eerily with a tiny fragment of a mysterious purple crystal shard. This indicates that Axl turnes Maverick just as Lumine said.

megaman x7

As the Reploid Conflicts proceed after the Nightmare Phenomena event, the world is slowly recovering. But as always, Maverick crime goes on the rise at newly constructed cities. As this new crime wave hits, X finds himself trying to answer moral questions that have plagued him since he joined the hunters: "Are we doing the right thing to solve this matter?" Unable to assuage his conscience, he drops from the battle frontlines and assumes a more strategic support role at headquarters. With X's retirement, a massive power vacuum ensues and many independent groups develop, trying and fill the void left by the hunter.

Prominent among these groups is Red Alert, growing large enough to become a dominant force. The Red Alert Syndicate is a new group of Reploids, similar to the Repliforce, but consisting of vigilantes. They claim to hunt Mavericks, like the Maverick Hunters, but apparently do far more than that. One of their members, Axl, decides he's had enough of their "murdering" and tries to leave the group. Unfortunately, Red, the group's leader doesn't appreciate this much, and goes on a rampage to get Axl back.

Axl is chased by a mechaniloid sent by Red Alert to retrieve him, and their chase causes havoc that calls for the Maverick Hunter Zero to investigate the area. After a quick meeting and battle against the mechaniloid, Zero takes Axl into custody at Hunter HQ. With this action, Red issues a challenge to the Hunters--he will release some Mavericks that Red Alert has in captivity, and whichever group can defeat the Mavericks first will gain custody of Axl.

Zero goes into the action without hesitation, and Axl's remorse for what he has done fuels his desire to become a Maverick Hunter. With no word from X, Axl promises to impress the former hunter, and to not disappoint him. X stays behind, trying to find a more peaceful solution to what he views as another pointless conflict. Eventually, X decides that his involvement in the matter is required to assure the quick end to this bloody war.

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