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Senin, 31 Maret 2008

Kingdom Hearts begins on Destiny Islands, where Sora, Riku and Kairi live. The three friends want to leave the islands to explore new worlds and have prepared a raft for this purpose.[1] One night, the islands are attacked by darkness and shadow creatures.[11] Sora seeks out his friends, finding Riku, who disappears into darkness. At the same time, Sora obtains the Keyblade. The islands are destroyed, and Sora is left adrift. Meanwhile, King Mickey Mouse has left his world to deal with the increasing darkness and left instructions for mage Donald Duck and knight Goofy to find the "key".[23]

Donald and Goofy use a Gummi Ship to travel to Traverse Town, to where Sora has drifted. Sora encounters the shadow creatures again, and meets Leon, who explains the shadow creatures are Heartless, beings that consume hearts, and that the Keyblade is the only weapon capable of defeating them.[29] A man named Ansem, the leader of Leon's home world, is said to have studied the Heartless. Sora meets Donald and Goofy and the three decide to travel together: Donald and Goofy to find Mickey, and Sora to find Kairi and Riku. The three go to various worlds based on Disney films, finding that the Keyblade also locks "Keyholes", passages that the Heartless use to take the heart of a world. A group of Disney villains, led by Maleficent, seek out the seven Princesses of Heart to unlock the Keyhole that leads to Kingdom Hearts,[10] a repository of knowledge and power and the source of all hearts. This group includes Riku, whom Maleficent promises she will help in finding Kairi. Maleficent sows distrust in Riku, telling him that Sora has abandoned him and Kairi for new friends and the Keyblade.[30] An increasingly antagonistic Riku finds Kairi's body, but cannot find her heart.

Sora and his friends eventually arrive at Hollow Bastion, the homeworld of Ansem and the headquarters of Maleficent. Riku takes the Keyblade from Sora, claiming that he was simply the "delivery boy".[31] Donald and Goofy, taking their order to follow the "key" seriously, leave with Riku. Sora challenges Riku, stating that his heart derives strength from his friends; his friends return to him, as does the Keyblade. Shamed, Riku meets a cloaked man who goads him to give into the darkness. The three engage and kill Maleficent but then meet a strangely-behaved Riku with a Keyblade that unlocks hearts. Sora finds Kairi's body and Riku, who reveals himself to be Ansem, possessing Riku's body.[32] Ansem explains that Kairi is a Princess of Heart and that her heart was trapped within Sora's body since the Destiny Islands were destroyed. After defeating Ansem, Sora uses Ansem's Keyblade to unlock his heart (he impales himself), releasing both his and Kairi's heart. Kairi's heart returns to her body, in turn completing the final Keyhole, while Sora becomes a Heartless. Sora is restored to human form by Kairi and he resolves to follow Ansem.

Ansem is found in End of the World, the combined remnants of worlds taken by the Heartless.[18] Ansem explains his belief that darkness is the heart's true essence, and he seeks Kingdom Hearts, as that would be the ultimate darkness. However, upon opening the door to Kingdom Hearts, it reveals its light, killing Ansem. Beyond the door are Mickey and Riku, and they help Sora and the others close the door, as there are many Heartless beyond it. Mickey and Sora use their Keyblades to lock the door. The worlds reconstruct themselves, separating Sora and Kairi. The game concludes as Sora, Donald, and Goofy resolve to find Riku and Mickey.


Because Kingdom Hearts was a collaboration between Disney and Squaresoft, it features a mixture of familiar Disney and Square characters, as well as several new characters designed and created by the director, Tetsuya Nomura.[21] The primary protagonist of the game is Sora, who is chosen to wield the Keyblade, a weapon for battling darkness. The game also features two of his friends, Kairi and Riku. For most of the game, Sora is joined by Donald Duck and Goofy. Donald, the court wizard, and Goofy, captain of the royal guard,[22] were sent from Disney Castle to find the Keyblade.[23] The three join forces to search for King Mickey Mouse, Kairi, and Riku. The primary antagonist is Ansem, who is seeking to find power and knowledge by using dark beings called the Heartless. The Heartless, hearts corrupted by darkness, serve as most of the enemies encountered in the game and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

As a game meant to explore the fictional universes of various Disney films, there are over 100 Disney characters.[24][25] While many serve as major characters in the story, others appear in cameo roles, such as the One Hundred and One Dalmatians puppies playing a part in a side-quest. Most worlds also feature a Disney villain whom the player must defeat. The player can summon various Disney characters to fight alongside Sora in battle, causing Donald and Goofy to withdraw from the battlefield for the duration of the summon. Available summoned characters include the Genie from Aladdin, Tinkerbell from Peter Pan, and Simba from The Lion King.[13]

Square also incorporated several of its famous characters from the Final Fantasy series into the game, though the characters were tweaked slightly for novelty and to fit the game's back-story. On Destiny Islands, the player meets younger versions of Tidus, Wakka (both from Final Fantasy X), and Selphie Tilmitt (from Final Fantasy VIII). In Traverse Town, the player encounters Squall Leonhart (known in the game as "Leon") from Final Fantasy VIII as well as Aerith Gainsborough, Cid Highwind, and Yuffie Kisaragi from Final Fantasy VII.[13] Rikku from Final Fantasy X and Irvine Kinneas from Final Fantasy VIII were both originally set to make cameo appearances, but were replaced by Yuffie and Wakka respectively.[26][27] Cloud and Sephiroth (both from Final Fantasy VII) make appearances in Olympus Coliseum, where the player can fight them in the tournaments.[13] The emphasis on characters from later Final Fantasy installments stems from Tetsuya Nomura's hesitation to use characters he did not design.[28]

The game also uses other Final Fantasy icons. Moogles appear to provide item synthesis.[1] Several weapons, such as "Lionheart" and "Save the Queen", share names with other weapons from previous entries in the Final Fantasy series. A name Riku suggests for the raft early in the game is Highwind, a reference to the airship of Final Fantasy VII. The magic-naming system in Kingdom Hearts (i.e. Fire, Fira, Firaga, etc.) is identical to Final Fantasy magic. The names of various spells are also the names of Gummi blocks, and various summons, weapons, bosses, and monsters are the names of Gummi ship blueprints

digimon rumble arena

Unlike some other fighting games, Digimon Rumble Arena is rather basic in terms of control. The player has a jump, a basic attack, two individual "Finisher Moves", a guard, and a "Special Finisher" (when Digivolved).

Each Digimon has one of three specialties associated with it; the specialties in the game are "Fire", "Water", and "Nature". Fire Digimon have an advantage against Nature Digimon, who have an advantage against Water Digimon, who have an advantage against Fire Digimon. Certain stages also have a specialty associated with them. A Digimon caught in its own specialty trap won't receive as much damage as Digimon of a different specialty that fall into the same trap; for example, a Fire-Specialty Digimon won't receive as much damage falling into a lava pit as a Nature Digimon would, who would in fact receive more damage than a Water Digimon would.

Items and cards with various effects will appear during a battle. Food items recover a players Life Gauge, while card items have a variety of effects, such as increasing or decreasing a player's Digivolve Gauge, taking away control over a Digimon, or allowing a Digimon to perform a special attack.

After the conclusion of King of Iron Fist Tournament 4, father Kazuya Mishima and son Jin Kazama, battle each other at Honmaru, located within the Mishima estate. Jin quickly beats his father. The eldest Mishima, Heihachi, enters the Honmaru to find his son defeated and unconscious. Heihachi and Jin begin battling. During the battle, Jin begins to manifest the Devil he inherited from his father, Kazuya. Just as it appears that Jin will kill Heihachi, Jin suddenly gains control of his body and flies away.

Suddenly, a bunch of "Jack" robots interrupt the battle. Both Kazuya and Heihachi are surprised at the attack, and begin battling as a team against the invasion. During the battle, however, Kazuya betrays his father, throws him into the kiss of death. Raven, watching on top of the cliff, speaks into a headphone, reports, "Heihachi Mishima...is dead."

After hearing of Heihachi's death, people believed that it would bring the end of the Mishima Zaibatsu. However, an unknown person had taken control, and a month later Mishima Zaibatsu announced the opening of The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5.

tekken 4

Two years ago, Heihachi failed to capture Ogre.

Not willing to give up, Heihachi ordered his researchers to collect blood samples, skin tissue, and hoof fragments left behind by Ogre (or known as True Ogre in its true manifestation) in order to conduct genetic experiments. Heihachi’s goal was to create a new life form by splicing Ogre’s genome with his own. However, the research was unsuccessful.

After extensive experimentation, Heihachi’s bioengineers came to the conclusion that an additional gene - the "Devil Gene" - was necessary in order to successfully splice Ogre’s genetic code into another living organism. Heihachi learned that his own genome lacked the Devil Gene, but he knew someone who had it... Jin Kazama.

Jin, who vanquished Ogre in The King of Iron Fist Tournament 3, was shot and mortally wounded by Heihachi. As his life slipped away, Jin transformed into a Devil. Upon his transformation, he struck down Heihachi and took flight. Jin’s whereabouts were unknown after the Tournament.

Heihachi searched for Jin to no avail. However, Heihachi discovered a photograph during his investigation that stirred his curiosity. The 20-year-old photograph was an image of a burnt corpse covered with laceration wounds. Heihachi paid particular attention to the corpse’s back, which had what looked like deformed, protruding wing-like limbs.

Convinced that the picture was of Kazuya, his own son whom he threw into a volcano 20 years ago, Heihachi diverted all his resources into a search for the body. This search eventually led Heihachi to G Corporation, a cutting-edge biotech firm making unprecedented advances in the field of biogenetics research.

Heihachi discovered that G Corporation found the corpse and extracted and analyzed its genetic data. In fact, Heihachi learned that the company was in the midst of creating a new life form by using the data. Heihachi also determined that Kazuya’s remains and research data were secured at G Corporation’s Nebraska and Nepal research laboratories, respectively.

Friday, 25 December. The Tekken Force raided G Corporation’s maximum security research laboratory in Nepal. The bottom floors of the building were obliterated, and the remaining data storage facility containing file servers was airlifted by a group of heavy-duty helicopters.

At the same time, a separate unit led by Heihachi infiltrated the underground research facility in Nebraska, where Kazuya’s remains were preserved. As Heihachi observed from his helicopter, he soon realized that unlike the Nepal facility, the operations in Nebraska were not going according to plan. The tactical status monitor screens showed the first wave of the Tekken Force troops being blown out from the storage room where Kazuya’s remains were supposedly kept.

A silhouette of a large figure slowly emerged from the room... When Heihachi could see clearly enough, he instantly recognized the large figure as Kazuya.

Kazuya was resurrected in G Corporation’s research facility. After his resurrection, Kazuya offered his body as research material to determine the true nature of the Devil that resided within him. Kazuya’s goal was to unify his two selves into one. Kazuya theorized that if he unified his body with the Devil, he would be able to truly harness its powers. He could then finally take revenge against Heihachi and the Mishima Zaibatsu (Financial Empire).

Enraged that Heihachi thwarted his plans, Kazuya obliterated the heavily armed Tekken Force and vanished into the flames of the lab’s wreckage. Heihachi was infuriated by Kazuya’s escape and took out his anger on his hapless subordinates who reported the escape.

Dr. Abel, Heihachi’s lead scientific advisor, urged the enraged Heihachi to quickly find a way to capture Kazuya. Once his anger subsided, Heihachi focused his mind and decided on a plan. An evil smile crept upon his lips.

Two years had passed since The King of Iron Fist Tournament 3 ended. The Mishima Zaibatsu announced The King of Iron Fist Tournament 4 and placed the massive financial empire as the top prize. The champion who manages to defeat Heihachi at the end of the Tournament would inherit the Mishima Zaibatsu.

Well aware that the tournament is just a trap designed to lure him out, Kazuya nevertheless enters - it is his chance to defeat Heihachi.

Near the end of the tournament Kazuya defeats Heihachi, and instructs Heihachi to lead him to the Hon Maru. It is here where the Devil possesses Kazuya. Heihachi, with his plan in place, already has Jin, who has been captured by the Tekken Forces sometime during the tournament, imprisoned in chains. Here is where he plans to trick & capture Kazuya in order to extract the devil gene from him and Jin both. The plan fails when the Heihachi underestimates the Devil's Power and is thrown from the room with extreme force. A Devil possesed Kazuya now proceeds with his own plans to extract the remaining devil gene that is within Jin.

Devil tries to extract the gene from Jin but isn't successful because of the good Kazama blood in Jin. With that being, Kazuya commands Jin to awaken and a fight takes place where if Kazuya wins, he'll be able to extract the devil gene and have absolute power. But Jin defeats Kazuya. Seconds later, Heihachi returns to face Jin. With Kazuya already defeated, he'll succeed with plans if he defeats Jin, but Jin defeats Heihachi as well.

After defeating both Kazuya and Heihachi, Jin sprouts his devil wings and raises his hand to finish Heihachi once and for all, but when he sees a flash of his mother, he shows mercy to Heihachi. He immediatly flies through the ceiling, leaving Heihachi, Kazuya and the Hon Maru behind.

Sabtu, 29 Maret 2008

tekken 3

The King of Iron Fist Tournament 2 closes to a draw. Jun Kazama comes to the stunning realization that Kazuya Mishima's supernatural strength stems from Devil. But she cannot help being drawn to him, propelled by a mystic force beyond her control. Several days later, the final challenger arrives to face Kazuya, the organizer of The King of Iron Fist Tournament 2. In a reprise of The King of Iron Fist Tournament 1, father and son clash in a cursed blood battle. Eventually, Heihachi Mishima emerges, scarred, but victorious, to regain control of the immense Mishima Zaibatsu. Unaware of Devil's presence, Heihachi casts the lifeless Kazuya into a volcano.

As Kazuya's body burns, the Devil appears before the pregnant Jun Kazama in a bid to enter the soul of the new life beating within her. But in a desperate struggle for the future of her child, Jun defeats Devil and retires to desolate Yakushima so as to raise Kazuya's son, Jin Kazama, alone.

Having regained control of the Mishima Zaibatsu, Heihachi sets about to further increase his powers. He embarks on a crusade to win the trust of world leaders by putting wars and conflicts to rest. Using his immeasurable wealth, he forms Tekken Force, a mercenary group employed to quell conflicts efficiently. He also takes a strong interest in the well being of developing nations by helping them build agricultural systems that will sustain them. Through Heihachi's efforts, the world appears to be regaining peace.

Around fifteen years have passed, and Jin Kazama is now 15 years old.

Under Heihachi's orders, the Tekken Force are excavating a Central American archeological site when they discover a mysterious life form. Heihachi orders the creature's capture, but loses contact with the Tekken Force after a garbled radio message, "... they are all dead... Ogre?!..."

Upon arriving at the dig, Heihachi finds a field of corpses. Heihachi is wracked by sorrow, but also realizes that the power of the mysterious life form could be the key to his long dormant dream of world domination. To obtain this mysterious power of Ogre, and the world, Heihachi tempts the fates once again...

Within weeks, strange disappearances occur throughout the world. Persons of strong soul, masters of martial arts, and other derivative fighting legends are reported missing with no knowledge of their whereabouts.

Jun Kazama instinctively picks up on the dark power encroaching on her life. She has no understanding of what it is, but senses that she has become a target. Accepting her destiny, she tells Jin everything that she knows of their haunted past to prepare him for the fateful day that she now feels is imminent. She tells Jin to go to his grandfather, Heihachi Mishima, if anything should befall her.

Her intuition proves right on a cold and stormy night. Ogre comes to the mountains, bringing a chilling, swirling wind. Jun instructs Jin to run away. But against his mother's pleas, Jin opts to face Ogre and is knocked unconscious.

When Jin awakens, the house and everything around it is burned to the ground. Jin searches frantically for his mother, but she is nowhere to be found.

Jun has died at Ogre's hands. Honoring her instructions, Jin goes to Heihachi and begs to be trained in order exact revenge. Heihachi, hearing Jin's tale, is convinced that Ogre is after the souls of powerful fighters. To attract Ogre, Heihachi decides to host the King of Iron Fist Tournament 3.

Four years later, on Jin Kazama's 19th birthday, the curtains rise for The King of Iron Fist Tournament 3. The true ending in this game is Jin's ending. Jin finally achieved his goal and killed Ogre, but is shot in the head by Heihachi. Jin is then revived by the devil in himself and flies away. Jin counts as the true winner of the tournament but Paul Phoenix also came close as he defeated Ogre in his first form but thought he won, after which Ogre transformed into True Ogre and was defeated by Jin.

crash team racing

The "Adventure Mode" is a one-player game in which the player must race through all of the levels in the game and collect as many Racing Trophies, Relics, Letters, Boss Keys, CTR Tokens and Gems as possible.[3]

The main objective of Crash Team Racing 's Adventure Mode is to save the world from the story's antagonist Nitros Oxide by winning races on 16 different tracks in levels throughout the game's island.[3] In the beginning of the game, the player will have access to only two levels, which are accessed through Warp Pad Vortexes, which open up as races are won.[3] In addition to the main hub world where Oxide's spaceship is located, there are four more secondary worlds with four levels each.[3] In each level the player must win a Trophy by coming in first in front of all the racers.[3] When a level is finished, the player will be returned to that level's world.[3] When the player has won all four Trophies in a world, the Boss Garage of that world can be accessed.[3] In the Boss Garage, the player will race against a single "Boss" character, who possesses an unlimited number of a certain weapon used to hinder the player's progress. If the Boss character is defeated, the character will relinquish his Boss Key, which the player uses to access new worlds and ultimately to face Oxide.[3]

If the player re-enters a level in which a Trophy is already won, the Relic Race can be entered, in which the player races through the track alone in the fastest time possible.[3] A Sapphire, Gold, or Platinum Relic is rewarded depending on how fast the track is finished.[3] During Relic Races, Time Crates are scattered throughout the level.[3] When these are broken, the race timer will freeze for one, two, or three seconds as indicated on the Time Crate.[3] If the player breaks all the Time Crates within a level and wins, the player will be awarded a "Perfect Bonus" of ten seconds off his or her final time at the end.[3]

As is the case for the Relic Races, if the player re-enters a level in which a Trophy is already won, the CTR Challenge can be accepted, in which the player must collect the hidden letters C, T, and R scattered throughout the track while coming in first place to win a CTR Token.[3] The CTR Tokens come in the colors of red, blue, green, yellow, and purple.[3] Purple CTR Tokens are acquired by winning Bonus Rounds, in which the player must collect 20 Crystals in an obstacle-filled arena in a set amount of time.[3] Collecting four CTR Tokens of the same color will open that color's Gem Cup, located in a secret area in the "Gemstone Valley" world.[3] A Gem Cup consists of four tracks in a row, in which the player must race for points.[3] The number of points awarded depends on the player's final place in the race. The player with the highest number of points at the end of the four races is the winner, who will be awarded a Gem.[3]

suikoden 2

The story of Suikoden II begins with two childhood friends, Riou (the player's character) and Jowy Atreides. The two are members of the Unicorn Brigade, a youth division of the Highland Army, and are preparing to go home when a peace treaty is seemingly broken by soldiers of the Jowston City-State. It is later revealed that the Highland Prince Luca Blight and the Unicorn Brigade's own Captain Rowd orchestrated the massacre of the youths and blamed it on Jowston, thus giving Highland a reason to commence an invasion. Riou and Jowy flee the campsite and find a waterfall. They promise to return to this spot if they're ever lost or in trouble, then jump into the waterfall.

Riou is later recovered from the river alone by Viktor and Flik, heroes of the Gate Rune War (events depicted in Suikoden), and is made captive of their band of mercenaries in Jowston. Whilst Riou is performing menial tasks for the mercenaries Jowy arrives and explains that he was rescued from the river by a young girl named Pilika from the village of Toto. The two escape back to their hometown of Kyaro, where they are reunited with Riou's adoptive sister Nanami. Unfortunately they are soon caught by Rowd and tried as deserters, only to be rescued just in time by Viktor and Flik.

It soon becomes clear to Riou, Jowy and Nanami that Luca Blight has terrible ambitions for Highland as he burns down both villages of Toto and Ryube and the mercenary fortress and slaughters the vast majority of their inhabitants. Traumatized by witnessing the murder of her parents, Pilika loses her ability to talk.

In the ruins of Toto, Riou and Jowy uncover an ancient cave and inside discover sacred runes along with a mysterious messenger named Leknaat. The two are faced with the decision of accepting two halves of the Rune of the Beginning; the Bright Shield Rune and the Black Sword Rune. Riou accepts the Bright Shield Rune whilst Jowy takes the Black Sword Rune.

Riou, Jowy, Nanami, Flik, and Viktor travel with the surviving mercenaries to the city of Muse in the heart of Jowston territory where they meet the mayor Anabelle. Faced with an imminent invasion of Highland forces, she employs Riou and Jowy to act as spies and sneak into an enemy provisions camp. They uncover the information they need but are discovered on the way out. Jowy insists that Riou should run back to Muse while he holds off the soldiers. Riou reluctantly agrees and spends the following night sitting at the city gates with Nanami and Pilika waiting for Jowy to return. Just as they are about to give up, he appears in the distance.

The following night, Riou is on his way to speak to Anabelle when he finds that she has been murdered by Jowy. Riou takes Nanami and Pilika and they flee south across the Dunan lake to the town of Southwindow where they reunite with Flik and Viktor. An agreement is reached that a formidable military force must be assembled to combat Highland, considering that most authoritative figures within the City-State are unable to reach a stable unification. The abandoned town of Northwindow on the shores of the lake is decided as a suitable position for a headquarters.

It is soon revealed that Northwindow was Viktor's home town until its people were killed by the vampire Neclord while he was away. Upon arriving in the town it seems that Neclord is still alive (Viktor and Tir McDohl's attempts to destroy him during the events of Suikoden were apparently futile as it was only a doppelganger). Viktor reacquires the Star Dragon Sword, the only weapon capable of overpowering Neclord's overwhelming defenses, in the Cave of Wind. While there Kahn Marley, a vampire hunter, joins your team to help defeat Neclord, but the vampire consequently flees from Northwindow. After the vampire flees, Kahn leaves your team to continue hunting for Neclord.

The town is promptly populated with mercenary forces, refugees and other willing additions. The old castle is renovated and established as the base for the new Orange Army. Under the advice of Apple, Riou enlists the help of Shu, a master strategist and former fellow pupil of Apple's under the famous Mathiu Silverberg. Following Shu's tactics, the Orange Army managed to repel a Highland attack despite being significantly outnumbered. In particular, Riou is heralded for his bravery in an ambush against the Highland general Solon Jhee and Shu suggests that Riou becomes the leader of the Orange Army.

The following morning Riou accepts Shu's advice to become leader of the Orange Army. Leknaat reappears and tells him that fate has been once again set in motion and that 108 brave souls, known as the 108 Stars of Destiny, will unite under Riou to uphold justice. She gives Riou the Stone Tablet, bearing the names of the 108 stars, and entrusts her servant Luc to their cause.

Meanwhile, Solon Jhee is executed under the command of Luca Blight for his failure against the Orange Army. Jowy steps up to replace him and promises Luca success with only limited forces.

Riou proceeds to travel to and enlist the aid of both Two River and Greenhill. During a confrontation in the latter, Riou and Jowy face one another. Jowy asks Riou to give up fighting and run away but he refuses, claiming he has his own reasons to fight too.

Riou later travels to Matilda to try and create an alliance with the knights there, led by Gorudo. At this time, however, Luca Blight initiates a plan using the Beast Rune to devour the souls of the inhabitants of Muse City. Luca now has the assistance of Leon Silverberg. Enraged by Gorudo's decision to avoid the tragedy, his once-loyal subjects Camus and Miklotov defect and join forces with Riou. A number of Matilda knights also join them.

Meanwhile, Jowy marries the Highland princess Jillia and joins the Blight royal family. However, a plot reveals itself during the ceremony and it turns out that Luca has poisoned his father, King Agares Blight. Agares dies, placing Luca on the throne of Highland.

Soon Riou travels south to the Toran Republic, formerly the Scarlet Moon Empire, where he meets President Lepant who has been left in charge in the absence of Tir McDohl. Lepant says he sees the same glimmer of hope in the eyes of Riou that he once saw in Tir and agrees to form an alliance and offers troops and a general (either Kasumi or Valeria).

After Riou's return he receives news that Luca Blight is planning a large-scale attack of Northwindow with an army of 50,000 men. Hugely outnumbered with a mere 20,000 men, Shu devises a strategy to ambush Luca with a surprise attack led by three separate units. The units - under the leadership of Flik, Viktor and Riou - attack Luca's unit consecutively but are still no match for his unbelievable strength. Luca escapes, wounded, but is ambushed again by a unit of archers and is riddled with arrows. Riou duels with him and, having suffered too many wounds, Luca is eventually defeated. The Orange Army return to the castle where Riou, after being lauded by his people, collapses from exhaustion.

He recovers a few days later when he receives an invitation to a peace treaty meeting from Culgan of the Highland Army. Riou attends but it is a trap and he is threatened by Jowy to surrender. During confusion, Pilika returns to Jowy and he orders the soldiers not to fire any arrows in front of her.

Riou soon after receives a plea from Koyu, a bandit from the western lands of Tinto, claiming that Neclord is attacking their towns. Riou travels with Nanami and Viktor to put an end to the fighting and manages to seal away Neclord's power with the help of Kahn Marley, a vampire hunter, and Sierra Mikain, the first vampire from whom Neclord stole the Moon Rune.

Now with the support of Tinto's mayor Gustav Pendragon the Orange Army is able to liberate the Highland-occupied cities of Greenhill and Muse and plan an attack on Rockaxe Castle, the domain of Gorudo and the remaining Knights of Matilda. But before the dawn of the battle, Leknaat appears once more to congratulate Riou for he had successfully united all 108 Stars of Destiny in his struggle. She unlocks the full potential of his Bright Shield Rune.

The following battle is a success and the next stage of the plan is set in motion. With the enemy soldiers lured out of the castle by a decoy unit, Riou is able to sneak inside with Nanami to burn the Matilda flag, replacing it with Dunan's own. Unfortunately, they are intercepted by Jowy who intends to prevent them from completing their mission. Despite Nanami's pleas to avoid fighting, Riou and Jowy are both fully prepared to do so. At this instant Gorudo appears with a group of Matilda Knights. They fire arrows at Riou, but Nanami leaps to his defense and is hit in the process. Jowy and Riou furiously join forces to attack Gorudo and succeed in killing him and his knights, but it is too late for Nanami and she dies later in the castle's infirmary.

Forced to quickly deal with his grief and terrible loss, Riou must rise to lead his army to victory at L'Renouille, the capital city of Highland. Shu creates a strategy to burn an entire forest with the Highland Army in it, killing a massive amount of enemy soldiers. The remaining forces are defeated by the Orange Army on the battlefield and Riou is able to infiltrate L'Renouille Castle with a handful of companions.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the castle, Jowy tells Jillia to flee Highland with Pilika and to start a new life for themselves under a different name.

Riou finally finds Leon Silverberg in the throne room. Leon cuts his hand and his oozing blood awakens the Beast Rune etched in the castle's very floor. After the most challenging battle yet, the Beast is finally defeated and causing the castle to collapse. Riou escapes safely where he is greeted by the Orange Army.

The following day the leaders of all the factions of the City-State gather together to form a new alliance. The player can either choose to help lead the new Dunan Republic, or leave to fulfill Riou's promise to Jowy and return to Tenzan Pass. If the player chooses this option, Jowy is waiting for him. Jowy explains that when they acted as spies in the Highland camp he stayed behind and met Luca Blight. He despised everything that Luca stood for and vowed to never let anyone destroy peoples' lives like he had done, in particular he didn't want anyone to suffer as Pilika had. Jowy then attacks Riou.

Several things can result. Riou can simply win the duel. Even if Riou holds back, Jowy will pass out regardless as too weak if Riou did not try to save Nanami in time at Rockaxe, or if all 108 Stars of Destiny were not collected. In these cases, Riou takes Jowy's Black Sword Rune and reunifies it into the Rune of the Beginning. Then, Riou leads the Dunan Republic after all as in the first ending, with a black & white picture of Riou, Nanami, and Jowy as the ending. If all 108 Stars were collected, the hero attempted to save Nanami at Rockaxe, and Riou refuses to fight in the duel, Leknaat will appear and stop the fight. As they leave, Shu appears and tells them that Nanami is in fact still alive and had faked her own death because she couldn't bear to see Riou and Jowy fight. Shu says farewell to Riou as he leaves with Jowy to find Nanami waiting at Genkaku's house in Kyaro, where the three of them embark upon a new adventure. The Jowston City-State becomes reborn as the Dunan Republic.

Legend of Legaia

In the beginning, God created the skies and the earth and seas. To rule over this world, God created humankind in his own image. Though endowed with God's own spirit, humans were impulsive and physically weaker than the wild beasts of the world. Humanity reached a point where it was on the verge of extinction.

To aid his human children, God gifted them with the mystical Seru. The Seru were creatures with varying appearances who seemed to be made of some jewel like substance. When a human touched a Seru, the Seru and the human merged. The human then gained extraordinary powers, such as extreme strength, magical powers, or even the ability to fly. Humanity broke from its wild origins and founded a civilization where humans and Seru lived in close harmony.

However, one dark day, a mysterious Mist appeared as if from nowhere. When the Mist touched a Seru, the Seru was driven insane and began to attack all within reach. A human wearing a Seru inside of the Mist was transformed into a crazed and bloodthirsty monster. The Mist quickly spread from its origins in the region of Karisto to cover the entire planet. Human civilization collapsed almost instantly, and only a few isolated pockets of humanity survived the Mist.

The story begins with Vahn, a youth living in the quiet town of Rim Elm, which is protected from the Mist by an enormous wall. One night, Vahn is awoken by his father as a strange smashing noise can be heard coming from the wall. Vahn rushes to the wall to discover the problem, and a mysterious being named Zeto enters Rim Elm and destroys the wall, leaving the town open to the Mist and to the Seru monsters. Vahn runs to the town's special Genesis Tree. The Ra-Seru (a sentient and Mist-resistant Seru) that resides in the tree, Meta, attaches to Vahn and utilizes the prayers of the town to revive the Genesis Tree, which pushes back the Mist. The next morning, Vahn embarks on a journey to destroy the Mist.

Vahn travels to Mt. Rikuroa to revive the Genesis Tree there and free Drake Castle. There, he meets a girl named Noa, who was raised by a wolf with a Ra-Seru attached to its head. Vahn meets Noa as she is being attacked by a ferocious Seru named Caruban sent by Zeto to kill Noa and her Ra-Seru Terra. Vahn and Noa kill Caruban and revive the Genesis Tree. Noa receives Terra from the wolf. Drake Castle is purged of its Mist and Vahn and Noa decide they should travel together.

They travel to Biron Monastery seeking a nearby Genesis Tree. The head monk accepts that they must go to the forest in the west to revive the tree and orders a high monk, Gala, to show them the way. He sends another monk, Songi, to the other forest in the east. They find the Genesis Tree in West Voz Forest killed by the intense mist, but a Ra-Seru egg still incubated in the tree remained alive. After extracting the egg the group is drawn back to the monastery by a cloud of smoke on the horizon, Gala discovers that Songi attacked the monastery and let Seru monsters inside. Gala decides that he must go with Noa and Vahn to revive the Genesis Tree. In East Voz Forest, the group discovers that Songi has been infected with a Seru. Gala fights, but Songi is too powerful and departs. The group revives the Genesis Tree, and the Ra-Seru egg, Ozma, hatches, revealing that he is Gala's Ra-Seru. Gala accepts Ozma in order to better fight Songi.

The Genesis Trees reveal a factory in the middle of heavy Mist. They confront Songi, now an ally of the creators of mist. They also confront Zeto, who controls the factory, which produces Mist on the continent. After defeating Zeto, the party destroys the Mist generator, effectively ridding that continent of Mist forever.

The group travels to the Sebucus Islands. Vahn and his friends learn of Octam, a town where ancient sages sleep. Once the group arrives at Octam, they discover that the whole town is engulfed in Mist and that the townsfolk took refuge underground. Underground, the group meets with the ancient sages. An earthquake swallows up the sages, but their spirits tell Vahn and his friends of the destinies of the Ra-Seru: to destroy the Mist and bring peace back to the world. Vahn and his friends travel to Dohati's castle, another Mist generator. Dohati, the lord of the castle, is defeated. The group destroys the Mist machine but notices that a Ra-Seru egg was apparently powering the device.

The team travels to Karisto Kingdom, the last area infested with Mist. At Sol Tower, Vahn’s group defeats Gaza, an old warrior who is reluctant to let the mist be cleansed, and his soul revives the Genesis Tree. Afterwards, Vahn uses a special flute to reach the Soren Camp, occupied by people who still use their Seru to fly. The group informs the Soren elder of their goals. The Elder takes them to another Mist generator, the Floating Castle. Inside, the group finds Songi destroying it already: this generator was only a decoy. Narrowly escaping, the party heads to the only location left, Conkram.

Conkram has been engulfed by a giant Sim-Seru. It was Noa's home, but she was taken away when the Mist entered the world. Noa's parents tell the group that the only way to enter the final Mist Generator is to obtain a Nemesis Gem, an item now extinct. The group manages to travel to Conkram's past. The team learns of the Mist's true origin: Sol and Conkram were engaged in a bloody war. Prince Cort, Noa's brother, utilized the Mist as a tool for power. The Mist then spread across the world. The group controls an evil Mist entity, Cort is arrested, and the King gives the group the Nemesis Gem. The group returns to the present for their final battle.

They head to the final Mist Generator, Jette’s Absolute Fortress. Inside, the group defeats Jette. The group descends deeper into the fortress and battles Cort, Noa’s brother, who is totally controlled by his obsession with Mist. Defeated, he falls into a pit with the Juggernaut, and the whole fortress explodes.

At Rim Elm, the heroes celebrate the end of the Mist. However, the celebration is cut short when Songi enters and claims that he is destined to bring the Mist back. The Juggernaut arrives, engulfing the entire town. Songi travels to Seru-Kai, home of the Ancient Genesis Tree. Songi severely drains the tree, but he falls, and the sages from Octam return to revive the tree.

Vahn and his friends return to Rim Elm. Descending into Juggernaut, the group finds Cort, fused with the Juggernaut into one being. Cort falls, but Juggernaut still lives. Meta, Ozma, and Terra use their power to destroy the Mist once and for all, but the Ra-Seru are destroyed in the process, along with all other Seru.

The world has been rid of the Seru and the Mist. At this point, the player chooses between several endings: Vahn either decides to travel the world with his childhood love, decides to tell Noa how he feels, or decides to train at the Biron Monastery

crash bandicoot 2

Crash Bandicoot 2's gameplay is largely similar to that of the original, but introduced a lot of elements that became staples for later games. Instead of the map system from Crash Bandicoot, the game's flow is now managed via Warp Rooms, consisting of 5 levels each, which can be visited in any order.

Players make their way through a limited environment while breaking crates, each of which containing some kind of bonus. In the middle of each level (except some hidden levels) lies a Crystal. Collecting a crystal from all five rooms in a Warp Room opens up the boss battle, and defeating the boss unlocks the next Warp Room. Breaking all of a level's crates earns the player that level's clear gem. The player can collect additional clear and colored gems by finding and touching them. If a player collects all of the gems in the game, the secret ending is activated.

Crash has several moves: jump, spin attack, body slam, slide, duck, crawl, and an extra-high jump performed by sliding or ducking and then jumping. Previously, sliding and body slamming (which both include the O button) were not possible in the original, because both square and O activated the spin attack. Stepping on a question-mark platform/trap door takes Crash to a bonus level. If Crash can get to the end of this section, he can keep any Wumpa Fruit, Extra Lives he finds, as well as the number of Crates smashed. Falling out of these levels does not make Crash lose a life and he can reattempt the area, but he will lost any Aku Aku masks he has. Going to special locations, where something is somehow out of place, brings Crash to one of five secret levels.

If the player manages to reach a certain point in some levels without losing a single life, the player can hop onto a platform with a Skull and Crossbones logo on it. This takes Crash to another path in the level of the main path and contains boxes and other secrets one might notice not being found on the main path. Several levels with this have a special gem other than the one for breaking all the crates in a level.

A new item called the Nitro Crate is introduced, which explodes if Crash touches it. At the end of a level with many Nitro Crates is a green ! block that explodes all the Nitro Crates in the level, which is required to get a clear gem from that level. Also introduced in this game, on top of riding a polar bear, is the ability to ride a jetboard over water, and fly through low-gravity areas on a jetpack. On some levels, Crash can also dive under some surfaces to hide from stinging bees.

crash bandicoot 3

Like previous installments in the Crash Bandicoot series, Warped consists of two main modes of gameplay: a hub room (since Crash 2) and the levels (since Crash 1). The hub room is called the Time Twister, and is split into five areas, each containing five levels and a boss fight. Initially, only one area in the hub is accessible, but more are opened as the areas are completed. The levels featuring Crash largely follow the "follow-the-path" gameplay seen in previous games in the series, but other modes, such as riding a biplane, jetski, baby dinosaur, tiger, and motorcycle can be seen along with this. Another new feature is the ability to gain new abilities by defeating a boss. These abilities are a stronger belly-flop, a double jump, faster running speed, a longer spinning attack, and a bazooka which fires wumpa fruit. The game also makes heavy use of the new DualShock controller by using the vibration effect frequently.

There are a total of 30 levels in Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped, excluding bosses and the two levels which have two different entrances. Neither of these are required for 100% completion, and by obtaining the gems and relics in each, up to 104% can be achieved. Upon receiving these as well as getting all gold or platinum relics, an extra gem can be received from Coco in the Time Twister, totalling 105%.

Each level contains a Crystal, a Relic, and either one or two Gems, excluding boss levels. The secret levels do not contain any Crystals. It is essential to collect all 25 Crystals throughout the game to win. Crystals are usually found near the end of each level, and are hard to bypass. Relics are received for successfully completing time trials (see below). There are 30 Relics throughout the game. Clear Gems are received by breaking every box in each level. Additionally, some levels contain Colored Gems, which are received when a level's secret area is completed. A handful of levels contain Gems which are earned by completing a task, such as winning a race. Gems are not beneficial, but are required to achieve 100% completion of the game. There is a total of 45 gems in Warped.

In addition, the game features a new Time Trial mode, in which a level must be raced through in the fastest time possible. Boxes are laid throughout the levels that are able to freeze time for one, two, or three seconds. A Sapphire or Gold Relic will be earned if the given time is beaten. In addition, there are Platinum Relics and developer times set by the Naughty Dog and SCEA testers. A Platinum Relic can be received before completing the game with 100%, but the times will only be seen on the level info box if the game is completed with 100%. Completing the game with 104% (you don't need the last gem from Coco) enables the final battle against Dr. Cortex.

Relics unlock secret levels which are accessible through a Secret Warp Room. For every five Relics that are collected, one secret level is unlocked, and the Secret Warp Room is unlocked when the first secret level is unlocked. However, after collecting 25 Relics and unlocking the last secret level, no more secret levels will be unlocked, regardless of how many more Relics are earned.

crash bandicoot 1

The game has twenty-five normal levels, as well as two secret levels and six boss battles, the six bosses being the local tribe leader Papu Papu, the insane Ripper Roo, the muscle-bound Koala Kong, the gun-toting Pinstripe Potoroo, Doctor Nitrus Brio, and finally, Doctor Neo Cortex himself. The player must make their way through a limited environment whilst defeating enemies, avoiding pits and breaking crates, each of which contain some kind of bonus. Breaking all of a level's crates while not losing a life will reward the player with a gem.[4] The boss battles have the player avoiding the boss character's attacks, then attacking the boss when the boss is vulnerable. Crash's only forms of attack are jumping and spinning. The majority of enemies can be defeated by using the jump attack, but enemies that cannot be defeated by the jump attack must be defeated by using the spinning move. This move can also be used to hit enemies into other enemies or crates.[5] Also, in some levels, Crash will ride a hog, which he has limited control over. In levels such as these, the player must avoid obstacles such as enemies while continuously going forward at fast speed on the hog. Also, numerous levels have the player being chased by a boulder, in which players must run towards the screen while jumping over gaps.

The player can collect masks hidden in crates. When protected by these floating masks, the player is protected from one enemy's attack or contact. Collecting three masks will give players temporary invulnerability from all minor dangers.[6] Also available in numerous levels are tokens hidden inside crates. These tokens feature the likenesses of either Tawna, Doctor Nitrus Brio or Doctor Neo Cortex. Once the player collects three matching tokens in one stage, the player is transported to a bonus round, where the player can collect additional wumpa fruit and items. The Tawna bonus rounds can be used to save any progress made before that point.[7]

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Brook is first introduced as a skeleton inhabiting the region of Grand Line known as the Florian Triangle. He is a former member of the Rumbar Pirates, a crew of musicians who sailed Grand Line from West Blue over fifty years prior to the current time frame of the story. They were followed by the whale Laboon, who took a particular liking to Brook's peculiar afro. Promising to return after sailing the Grand Line, the crew left Laboon at the lighthouse at Reverse Mountain, stating that the Grand Line is too dangerous for such a small whale. After entering the Florian Triangle, Brook's entire crew was slaughtered by an unknown enemy. Because he ate the Yomi Yomi no Mi, a Devil Fruit that allows the user to come back to life after dying, Brook's spirit returned to Grand Line, however, he got lost due to the intense fog in the Florian Triangle. After wandering for some time, he finally found his body, which had decayed to nothing but bleached bones. Brook was returned to life as a walking, talking, pooping skeleton. Eight years before meeting the Straw Hat crew, he was captured by Gecko Moria, who stole his shadow and placed it in the body of the legendary samurai Ryuma. Because he can no longer be exposed to sunlight, a side effect of having no shadow in One Piece, Brook remains in the Florian Triangle, under the protective cover of the thick fog, until he meets the Straw Hat Pirates.

Though Brook did not appear in the story until 2007, Oda planned to include a skeleton musician in the story ever since drawing the Laboon arc in 2000.

Brook has been confirmed to be in the tenth One Piece movie, as seen in a trailer.


Usopp's dream is to become a brave warrior of the sea, like his father Yasopp of the Red Haired Pirate Crew. After meeting the giants Dorry and Broggy, Usopp was inspired to travel to Elbaf one day and meet the proud warriors there.

Usopp is easily scared and always makes up excuses to avoid going on dangerous outings, excuses which are simply ignored by his crew-mates. Despite his timid nature, he will do anything to help his friends, even if it means standing up to a far more powerful enemy. In battle he uses various tricks to deceive his opponent, such as calling out the name of a previously used attack but doing something completely different.

Usopp's father left to become a pirate when Usopp was still very young. Some time after this, Usopp's mother became very ill, and was on the verge of dying. He began lying to keep his mother's spirit up, often saying that Yassop and his pirate crew had returned to take them away with him. Even after she died, Usopp continued to run throughout the town every day yelling that pirates were coming. Usopp began calling himself a pirate and took in three younger children as his crew; Ninjin, Tamanegi and Piiman. Together they formed the "Usopp Pirates". When the Black Cat Pirates return to the island, Usopp, along with Monkey D. Luffy, Roronoa Zoro and Nami, fight and defeat the pirates and their leader, Captain Kuro. After defeating the pirates Usopp is inspired by Luffy and crew, and decides to begin his journey toward becoming a great warrior. Originally planning to debark on his own, he is shocked when Luffy asks him to join the Straw Hat Pirates.

According to a recent Japanese fan poll in the Shonen Jump magazine, Usopp is the 6th most popular character.


Franky is a cyborg who makes his first appearance in the city of Water 7 as the founder and leader of the Franky Family, a group of ship dismantlers and delinquents. His dream is to build a ship capable of sailing to the end of the Grand Line. He partially accomplished this when he constructed the Straw Hat pirates' second ship, the Thousand Sunny. He is currently sailing with the crew to completely fulfill his dream.

Franky (known originally as Cutty Flam) was born the son of a pirate in South Blue and crossed into the Grand Line when he was four years old. After being abandoned, he became the apprentice of the master shipwright Tom, who built Gol D. Roger's ship, the Oro Jackson. He and Iceburg helped Tom construct the sea train after Spandam, leader of CP5 at that time, brought charges against Tom in order to pressure him into surrendering the blueprints to the superweapon, Pluton. After completing the sea train, Tom refused to give up the blueprints, resulting in Spandam using Cutty Flam's fleet of warships to attack Water 7. In order to protect Cutty, Tom takes the blame for the attack and is sentenced to the Marine prison Impel Down. Cutty Flam tries to stop the sea train as it is taking Tom away, but is run over by the charging engine. Nearly dead, he awakens on a scrapped vessel and uses the nearby parts to create his cyborg body. Cutty Flam later returns to Water 7 under the name Franky, where he rounds up the lowlifes of the city to form the Franky Family. Franky has 'BF36' carved into his shoulders, indicating he is the thirty-sixth iteration of his Battle Franky line. Series creator Eiichiro Oda says Franky has a 'butt-butt-chin.

When asked why Franky is powered by cola, Oda simply replied "COLA IS GOOD".


Chopper grew up on the winter island Drum, where he was an outcast among reindeer due to his blue nose. He ate the Hito Hito no Mi (ヒトヒトの実, Human Human Fruit), giving him the ability to speak, think, and transform into a human. Chopper is very naïve, and has a tendency to believe anything told to him, even the outrageously fictitious, exaggerated lies of Usopp. According to Usopp, Chopper is the most gullible Straw Hat.

Chopper's left antler has a metal plate wrapped around it at all times. He originally broke it while retrieving a mushroom for Doctor Hiruluk. The name "Tony Tony Chopper" is partly a play on "Tonakai" ("Reindeer"), and partly on the idea that his horns look like they could chop down trees, according to Hiruluk.

As the doctor of the crew, Chopper has impressive knowledge of medicine and medical drugs, as well as the preparation of remedies and ointments from regular fruits, roots and vegetables found on most islands. Most of this he learned during his apprenticeship under Dr. Hiruluk and Dr. Kureha.

Chopper is also capable of conversing with other animals.

In the most recent Japanese Fan Poll, Chopper is the fourth most popular character. His birthday is Christmas Eve.

Oda has stated that he uses the color pink to represent Chopper. Oda has also stated that Chopper's favorite foods are cotton candy, chocolate, and "sweet stuff".

When creating Chopper, Oda stated that he wanted a mascot who is cute and fearless.


Sanji is the Straw Hat crew's chain-smoking chef, whose dream is to find 'All Blue', a legendary ocean which contains all the fish in the world. He takes great pride in the meals he makes and considers them works of art. Sanji is also a very skilled fighter, who uses a fictional martial arts style called 'Red Leg' that makes use of only kicks. Sanji states that this is because a chef's hands are his prized possession, and should not be risked in battle. He was trained by the once infamous pirate Red Leg Zeff, who was a chef himself. In battle, he typically manipulates things from off-panel and then appears in the front lines at a very crucial moment. This has led to a running gag in the series centering around Sanji never being recognized by the Straw Hats' enemies, a joke culminating in the release of his first wanted poster. Sanji was born in the North Blue, but grew up in the East Blue. His left eye is always covered by his hair and remains unseen.

Nine years before the Straw Hats meet him, a young Sanji is working aboard a floating restaurant as as a trainee cook in the North Blue. Even at this early point in his life, he dreams of finding 'All Blue'. This makes him somewhat of an outcast among the other chefs, who regard the sea as nothing more than a myth. The cruise ship is attacked by pirate Zeff, and sinks during the ensuing battle. Sanji is rescued by Zeff, and they both wash onto the shore of a nearby island. With almost no food left, Zeff splits the remaining rations with Sanji, keeping a large sack for himself since, as he tells Sanji, he is an adult with a larger stomach. He tells Sanji to wait for a rescue ship on the other side of the island. Many weeks pass, and with Sanji having finished his rations much earlier, he decides to steal Zeff's food. He tells the old man not to interfere or he will kill him, and slashes the large sack of food open, only to discover that it's just a sack of treasure. Sanji then notices Zeff's missing leg, and realizes that Zeff ate it and gave him all the rations (this scene is altered in the anime so Zeff loses his leg while rescuing Sanji, and simply eats nothing while on the island). Sanji tearfully asks why Zeff would do such a thing, and Zeff explains to him that they share the dream of finding 'All Blue'. The two are rescued some time later, and Zeff uses his treasure to establish the Baratie, a floating restaurant in the East Blue with Sanji as his sous-chef. Due to this ordeal, Sanji will never refuse someone a meal and becomes angry when someone wastes food.

Sanji is one of the most popular One Piece characters, as he ranked third in a recent Japanese fan poll.

Sanji has a strong sense of chivalry, and he will never harm a woman, no matter what. As said by himself, he will never kick a woman even if he dies because that is how he was brought up. Sanji also seems to keep this code regardless of how attractive a woman is.

Eiichiro Oda has said that the spiral end of Sanji's eyebrow channels the 'circular energy' of the universe.

In the FUNimation television broadcast of the anime, Sanji's cigarettes are removed. A FUNimation spokesman has stated this is due to Cartoon Network's broadcast standards, and the cigarettes will be retained in the uncut DVD releases.

Sanjis Abilities And Powers

Sanji is a powerful martial artist with superhuman strength, speed, and endurance. He is considered by the Straw Hat crew to be one of their strongest fighters. Sanji has mastered Red Leg, a fictional unarmed martial art which strictly uses the lower body and legs in combat. Sanji's leg strength is great enough to smash through rock and defeat monstrous beasts in a single blow. Oda rates Sanji's kicking power as enough to shatter twenty one wooden baseball bats in one kick[11] Sanji is also shown to be very acrobatic, using flips and handstands in his fighting. His fighting style's name is taken from the alias of "Red Leg" Zeff, Sanji's mentor and developer of the style. Red Leg possesses a variety of special attacks, most of which are simply exceptionally powerful kicks. These techniques are named in French, and generally refer to food puns or the part of the body Sanji is attacking.

Sanji's most powerful attack is Diable Jambe, which involves rotating at high speeds, heating his leg via friction until it glows red-hot. This powerful kick literally burns his opponent when it connects, though it does no damage to Sanji. Oda states this is because Sanji's heart burns even hotter.

As an expert cook, Sanji is capable of preparing almost any dish imaginable, while holding to a strong sense of the aesthetics of cooking. Sanji is also skilled in fighting with kitchen knives, as demonstrated against Cipher Pol chef Wanze. Though lacking the power and technique of Roronoa Zoro with a bladed weapon, he is able to make very accurate cuts.

Roronoa zoro

Zoro is a skilled swordsman, able to use one, two and three swords in varying attack styles, although he is most proficient with the fictional sword technique Santōryū (literally: three sword style), clutching his third sword in his mouth. Zoro is somehow able to speak with his sword held in his mouth; Eiichiro Oda has stated that it is his heart that allows him to do so. Though not a samurai, he maintains his own code of honor. His goal is to become the greatest swordsman in the world.

As a child, Zoro trained in a dojo in Shimoshiki village. He defeated all of the adults of the dojo, but consistently lost to Kuina, the sensei's daughter. After two thousand and one victories against Zoro, Kuina confided in him. Her father told her that as a woman, she would naturally become weaker than Zoro and could never be a great sword fighter. Zoro became furious, telling Kuina that if he beat her as a result of her gender, he would be dishonored. The two children vow that one of them will become the world's strongest sword fighter. The next morning, Kuina dies falling down a set of stairs. Zoro asks her father for her katana, Wadō Ichimonji, and swears to become a swordsman so renowned that his name will be heard even in heaven. To fulfill his dream he must defeat Dracule "Hawk-Eye" Mihawk, the man currently regarded as the strongest sword fighter in the One Piece world. Zoro also displays several personality quirks, a trait common in One Piece characters. Zoro is extremely poor at understanding geographical directions and gets lost very easily. Zoro also sleeps a great deal, and has been known to sleep through important events. Zoro also likes to drink. Although he has an abnormally high alcohol tolerancy, he says that a true swordsman should never let himself get drunk. Zoro is one of the most popular One Piece characters, ranking second in the most recent Japanese fan poll. According to series creator Eiichiro Oda Zoro was originally intended to be a bodyguard of Buggy the Clown.

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The Leaves are green

The Leaves are green

Photosynthesis is the process of making food (glucose) in green plants using carbon dioxide and water as raw materials in the presence of sunlight and chlorophyll. What would you infer to be the cause of the green color?

Apparatus and Materials:

1. a beaker big

2. a beaker small

3. a wire netting

4. a Bunsen

5. a support

6. alcohol

7. water

8. leaf

9. a clips

10. Iodine

What to do:

1. Boil the leaf for 5 minutes

2. Rinse the leaf in water

3. Boil the leaf in alcohol

4. Rinse the leaf in water

5. Dry the leaf with a paper

6. Then the leaf dropped with the Iodine’s


1. What happen after the leaf of boiled in water?

2. What happen after the leaf of boiled in alcohol?

What happen after the leaf of dropped with Iodine’s? Why?



Cells are very tiny and cannot be seen with our naked eyes. Cells of living organisms can be observed a microscope. How shape and structure of onion cells !

Materials and apparatus:

1. Onion

2. Iodine solution

3. Glass slide

4. Cover slip

5. Filter paper

6. Mounting pin

7. Razor blade/ knife

8. Dropper

9. water

What to do

1. Place a small piece of the thin skin from the inside of an onion on the microscope slide

2. Use a dropper to place one or two drops of water or dilute iodine solution on the sample

3. Hold a clean cover slip by the edges and place it at one edge of the drop of water. Slowly lower the cover slip onto the drop of water until it lies flat. Avoid trapping air bubbles.

4. If you have too much water or a lot of air bubbles, touch the edge of paper to the edge of the cover slip to draw off extra water and force air out.

5. Try to observe your specimen under the microscope.

6. Draw the cells which you see under the microscope in the place provided below

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study tour ke surabaya

Di Surabaya kami mengadakan kunjungan ke SMPN 6 Surabaya. disana kami disambut dengan baik sama seperti di SMPN 5 Yogjakarta. kami diajak berkenalan dengan anak-anak disana. Pada akhir acara kami memberikan souvenir khas kalimantan timur kepada mereka sebagai tanda perpisahan.

Study Tour ke jogja

pada hari selasa kemarin saya bersama rombongan pergi ke jogja dengan menggunakan pesawat terbang . sampai dijogja kami bersama rombongan langung pergi ke wisma perdana untuk ber istirahat. pada malam hari kami pergi ke malioboro untuk berbelanja atau jalan-jalan . kami belajar di SMPN 5 YOGJAKARTA selama tiga hari disana kami mendapatkan banyak teman dan banyak pelajaran. pada hari terakhir kami di ajak untuk pergi ke candi prambanan disana ada wisnu yang berpose didepan candi wisnu . foto nya sangat blooonn!!!! sekali .selesai dari candi prambanan kami pulang ke wisma. keesokan harinya kami berangkat ke surabaya dengan mengendarai kereta api.

MP3 COOL ABIZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Akatsuki Group

Akatsuki Animation



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