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Sabtu, 05 April 2008

tom and jerry blast of mars

This cartoon opens with two birds setting up a nest. The nest falls off when a crash is heard.

Inside the house, Tom (voiced by Bill Kopp) is chasing Jerry (not voiced) around. While they chase, Tom tries to hit Jerry with a picture frame. Then he attempts to hit him with a vase. After that, Tom tries to hit Jerry with the head of a statue!

Tom then tries to grab Jerry, but misses. Then Jerry enters the kitchen and climbs onto the table, where he is safe until Tom arrives.

Frightened, Jerry runs on the soap, which falls on the ground and causes Tom to step on it and slip. After Tom crashed into the wall, the ironing board hit his head! Then the iron landed on his head!

Angry, Tom started chasing Jerry. Tom had a frying pan, which he tried to hit Jerry with, but ended up hitting the dishes, which broke, as a result of missing. Jerry turned on the stove burners, then Tom burned himself. Afterwards, Jerry turned on the food mixer, which Tom consequently got caught in. Then Jerry turned on the blender, which was open, so when Tom accidentally crashed into it, food went all over the place!

Then Jerry made it to a toaster, but when he turned around, there was Tom, with orange food all over him, and eggs in his eyes. After Tom cleaned himself up, he stuck out his claws, and tried to jump towards Jerry, but Tom got his head stuck in the toaster!

Then Jerry pulled out the string from the blinds. Then he used the string to lasso to the fan. Then he raspberried Tom, who sped up the fan. Then Tom laughed.

Then Jerry landed on top of the fridge. Then Tom took out a meat tenderizer, while errywas pushing the cookie jar, which lands on Tom's head, and then, Tom is trapped in the dishwasher. Jerry, who recently took a cookie, turned on the dishwasher and escaped from the kitchen, as a result of being left a chance to escape.

Moments later, the dishwasher can't handle it anymore, and then, dishwasher soap and bubbles and even water go all are all over the floor, and then, the dishwasher breaks. Afterwards, the wall can't handle the pressure, and pipes start breaking and leaking. Glass cups fall on the floor. and other boxes hit the ground, as well. Also, some cabinet doors break as a result. Consequently, the sink is sent flying into the air, along with Tom, both of which break a hole in the ceiling. Also, the blinds are broken.

In the sky, the sink is flying, and then, Tom hits it. Then an airplane is coming towards him. Tom tries to get away, but too late. He gets all his fur cut off and falls into the living room, where Jerry is enjoying his cookie when the sink hits the piano.

Jerry notices his cookie is gone. Then the chase continues.

Tom grabs Jerry, but Jerry squirts Tom with the kitchen sprayhose. Then they run around the living room. Tom throws tomatoes at Jerry, but misses, hiting another picture frame.

Tom throws spears at Jerry, but misses, and the spears hit the chaise lounge. Then Tom kicks a giant globe, but the globe hits the fireplace. Tom climbs up bottles, which shoot their caps towards the candle holder glass of the chandeliers! Then most of the bottles break.

Then Tom grabbed a mace, and tried to hit Jerry, but hit a vase, a bonsai, a faberge egg, a fishbowl, the same statue Jerry was on while eating his cookie, a decorative plate, a vase, some perfume bottles, then the last vase.

Then Tom grabs the cupid statue's arrows, then shoots them at Jerry with a harp as a bow, all the arrows, however, hit and broke the windows.

Later, Tom and Jerry take the chase to the backyard, where Tom gets his head stuck in a bucket, then he gets slowed down by a hammock.

Then he's thrown at the fence.

Meanwhile, Jerry sees Spike. Spike(voiced by Frank Welker) is enjoying his bone. Without Spike looking, Jerry steals the bone, then frames Tom for stealng it by putting it in his tail. Then Jerry hides behind a flower pot to see what happens.

Spike, angry, grabs Tom and swings him around, then he squeezes out the bone. Then Tom is flattened. Tom goes to a pump toget more air inside him. Jerry laughs at him, then the chase continues.

Tom gets angry, then he drives a lawnmower, then tries to kill Jerry.

The chase gets out of control, causing the lawnmower to go out of control. Spike's doghouse gets destroyed. Then trees get knocked down.

Then just as Spike was about to continue with his bone, the tree with a Tom-hole falls on the bone, sending Spike crying.

The chase goes into town, with the lawnmower on the road! Tom was hanging on the the rope attached to the lawnmower. The lawnmower goes out of control, hitting a car and some garbage cans, and Tom ending up on a child's skateboard.

There were also cars in the way, which almost ran Tom and Jerry over. Tom hits a stop sign and a fire hydrant.

Later, they are at the yard of the Space Place. The lawnmower is still raging through the place. The lawnmower shaves down some bushes and worse, shaves the leaves off of every tree they crash into. The lawnmower even destroyed the bench that the men were sitting on. The two men there mistook Tom and Jerry for vandals, so they took out rakes and chased after the two.

Then Tom and Jerry, who will still on the out-of-control lawnmower, ended up going over the water fountain, knocking the gold rocket statue over and crushing the men.

Then the lawnmower, after Tom hit another box, crashed, and Tom and Jerry crashlanded into the Space Place interior. That doesn't cause the chase to discontinue.

Jerry climbs up a rope in another room, and Tom follows him when Jerry pushes a sandbag down.

Then Tom falls, and Jerry giggles.

Tom follows Jerry and climbs up a ladder. Tom ends up by a rope, and as he attemps to get across, Jerry shakes the rope, causing Tom to lose his balance. Then he slowly crawls from the rope.

Meanwhile, there is a meeting going on in the stage area, where it is announced that Buzz Blister (voiced by Jess Harnell) and Biff Buzzard (voiced by Billy West) are going to Mars. The mission is to prove that there is no life on Mars (or so he thinks).

Meanwhile, Tom is almost to Jerry, when Jerry unties the rope, and then the curtain is knocked down. In the process, Tom gets covered in green paint, and so does Jerry (after Tom grabs him)!

Back on stage, Buzz announces that the "myth of little green men" will be ended when the curtain was knocked down. Tom and Jerry were mistaken for little green men until the green paint fell off. Then Dr. Gluckman and Commander Bristle (Brad Garrett), and Biff and Buzz tried to kill them, but Tom and Jerry got out too easily. However, they get involved in the chase. Then Tom gets kicked out.

Dr. Gluckman demonstrates what happens when he puts a single drop of water in the powdered pizza. The powder turns into pizza, salad, and root beer. Commander Bristle tastes the pizza, and it is delicious! Then it is time for the powdered food to be put in the rocket.

When the coast is clear, Jerry climbs up the table and finds some powdered turkey. Then he opens the bag, and puts a drop of water on it, and instantly, it turns into a turkey dinner! Then he finds a bag of powdered burger, and takes the eye dropper, but knockes over the cup in the process, and all the food comes to life, and as a result, the food goes all over the place in an explosion, because a glass water container broke after being hit by a cheeseburger. Then the Space Place is flooded by food, and Commander Bristle realizes that the food was rehydrated. Then Jerry runs off.

Tom is lured into the building with a fish. Not so long later, Tom is hired to get rid of Jerry, like Tom was trying to do this entire time.

Later, Tom is trapped in a centerfuge and the centerfuge is later sped up.

The centerfuge goes faster and faster until it starts falling apart. Then it flies all over the place.

The door flies off and Tom melts out of there. Then Jerry laughs. Then Tom is back to normal and Jerry runs off, and the chase continues.

Then they start riding on missiles! Don't try this at home!

While riding missiles, Tom tries to get to Jerry again, but Jerry spins Tom's missile before he could even touch him! Tom gets back to the top of his missile and pulls a lever and speeds up. Then he tries to grab Jerry, but the missiles are out of fuel. They hug each other in fear.

They hit the rocket and then land next to the top, and Buzz thinks someone dropped a wrench.

Biff and Buzz start mentioning Martians, and they say they won't be afraid if they saw real Martians.

Outside the rocket, another chase begins when Tom and Jerry wake up. They are chased into the rocket.

It is almost time to go to Mars, but now Biff has to go to the bathroom. He should've gone before they entered the rocket.

Then when Tom grabs Jerry, the rocket is ready to blast off just as Tom is about to eat Jerry.

Then the rocket is leaving the atmosphere, and Tom is losing grip of the ship. When Biff and Buzz are clear to jettison initial stage, Tom is safe…or so he thinks. When he manages to get ahold of the ship, he gets burned by rocket fuel.

Meanwhile, Jerry is enjoying himself in the rocket, reading a book and eating peanuts when Tom storms in. Jerry waves to Tom. Meanwhile, Commander Bristle sends Biff and Buzz a congratulations, because they are now leaving Earth's atmosphere. Then comes zero gravity.

As well, Jerry and Tom were flying, due to zero gravity. When Tom couldn't grab him, Jerry laughed at Tom. Tom tried to eat Jerry again, but failed. Then Tom hit something which opened, and Tom grabbed a tennis racket and played 2 notes to the music playing. Then he hit Jerry with the racket five times (playing tennis in zero gravity, even in a spaceship, is dangerous; you might break a window). Then Jerry finds an adjustable wrench. Jerry hits Tom with it, then Tom hits a window, which cracks, then breaks, resulting in an air leak. Tom gets his head caught in the window.

Biff and Buzz are urgently warned about the air leak (that had been caused by animals) and try to do something while Jerry tries to save Tom, but the emergency hatch is shut, and closes on Tom's neck! Jerry still manages to save Tom by reeling him in. Tom refills his head with air using a pump. Then the artificial gravity is turned back on after Buzz gets nauseous from the floating around. That resumes the chase between Tom and Jerry.

The chase continues in the navigation controls (Never do this in real life. It's dangerous.). Several wires are snapped, and as a result, it had to be corrected, or Biff and Buzz would crash into the Sun and be vaporized. The rocket's trajectory was discombobulated.

Back on Earth, Commander Bristle is watching The Jetsons when Dr. Gluckman warns him about the problem, then they nicely tell them about the problem.

Biff and Buzz are playing cards when they recieve this emergency message.

While Biff was trying to fix the problem, Jerry hits a switch sending the rocket at light speed!

But they end up at Mars, not crashing towards the Sun, luckily.

Biff gets back in the ship, dizzy and all beat up. He then angrilly strangles Buzz and they get in a short-lived fight that ends when Commander Bristle says they are finally at Mars. Biff and Buzz want to wait, so they can get used to it, but Commander Bristle suggest they get in the lander now, or he will decide to just leave them up there.

Jerry gets out of the hole, but Tom chases him into the lander. The lander hits Mars after Buzz and Biff enter it, unaware that Tom and Jerry are in there. Buzz tries to open the door, but it is locked, so he unlocks it, and then it opens.

Meanwhile, the chase between Tom and Jerry hasn't ended, just yet. Anyway, Biff and Buzz are about to be the first men on Mars…or so they think. Tom and Jerry continue their chase on Mars, so they must be the first men on Mars, except they are animals, not humans. In fact, it is not the Mars that Biff and Buzz imagined it to be. Biff pushes Buzz, and he is the first man on Mars, but really, Tom and Jerry may be the real first Earth beings on Mars, because they continued their chase there. Biff and Buzz return to Earth after only a few hours on Mars.

Tom and Jerry are cold on this planet, and Tom finds stuff lying around and refuses to share it with Jerry.

Tom tries to build a fire, but it backfires so much on him, that when he went too fast on rubbingt the stick and wood together, it caused a violent explosion that turns Tom to ashes. Tom tries to find food, but when he finds powdered steak, he opens the bag and just plain dumps it in his mouth. Then he spits it out, because water is needed for it to become steak. Then he throws the bag on the ground and jumps on it in rage. That's when he finds Jerry relaxing in a swimming pool. Then he sneaks to the pool like a snake and pokes a hole in the kiddy pool after Jerry splashes water in the cat's face.

Again, the chase continues from there, with Tom driving a vehicle with a robot arm when he crashes into a giant black wall. Tom got closer to it, trying to touch it while looking away with another paw covering his eyes, since he is afraid of what will happen. Jerry tips the giant wall, and then laughs after it smashes Tom, when a green female alien named Peep (voiced by Kathryn Fiore) arrives. Jerry and Peep look at each other when an alien dog, Ubu, growls, but Peep stops him, then two more Martians arrive and point their lasers at Jerry, but Peep stops them, too. An alien named Grob arrives, and later, Jerry is mistaken for the Great Gloop. Peep is the only one aware that is not true.

Tom makes it out from until the giant wall, but pulls up his fur when his right leg's fur was stretched. Then he runs off.

They reach their palace in Toledo, where Jerry is represented to King Thing (voiced by Billy West), and when King Thing stepped on a trumpet critter, he trips down the stairs, but he makes it to the bottom, in one piece.

While in Toledo, he is given treats. Everything was going just fine until Tom arrived after being distracted by the feast. He was completely mistaken for a giant. While Jerry is given gifts, it is reported that Tom has arrived. When Tom tries to pound Jerry, who saves Peep, then Tom tries to grab Jerry, but Peep pokes Tom with a fork. Then Tom tries to grab Jerry again, but Jerry gives Tom a red gelatin shaped like him, then Tom thinks he's bleeding! Tom crashes into a building, then Toledo is in rubble.

As a punishment, Tom is going to be dumped in a lava hole with a monster named Ted. Jerry is told to pull the lever when ready. But seconds later, Jerry is figured out for not being the Great Gloop! Jerry is confronted and ends up accidentally hitting the lever! Then Jerry tries to save Tom, but Tom is too heavy, and Ted charges toward Tom. Peep throws a beah ball to Ted, but the ball later pops. When Jerry slips on a banana peel, he loses his balance, but Peep saves Tom and Jerry by stealing a jetpack, then grabbing Tom and Jerry.

Now the Martians are going to plan to invade Earth. Peep double-crossed them so she can help Tom and Jerry. They go back to the palace and steal a flying saucer, so they can get back to Earth and warn everyone.

Back on Mars, the Invince-a-tron was on, but had to be fixed!

Back on Earth, Biff and Buzz were landing back on Earth, but they landed in the building! Biff said they need a maid.

Jerry ended up driving everyone to an asteroid field. When Peep woke up, she took over driving from there.

The Invince-a-tron was fixed, when it started flying, the car attached to it landed on King Thing!

Back where Tom, Jerry, and Peep were, Peep had to fix the saucer, because the engine stopped working.

Back on Earth, another meeting is going on outside, where Buzz says there is no life on Mars…or so he thinks.

Martians were here, and one of them vaporizes Biff!

Back at the area Tom, Jerry and Peep were at, Peep had successfully repaired the engine, and then they were bound to head back to Earth. When they returned, they had vaporized a few saucers, and to prove that Peep was on Tom and Jerry's side, she gave Jerry a white laser gun, which Jerry used to reintegrate everyone who was vaporized, including Biff.

Everyone is happy afterwards until the Invince-a-tron arrives! The Invince-a-tron sucks everyone up with its vacuum.

Tom, Jerry, and Peep do their best to stop Invince-a-tron, who starts sucking them up, so they evacuate the saucer.

Tom, Jerry, and Peepend up in the backyard, where they land in a pool. There is Spike again, enjoying another bone.

They hear an explosion, so Peep takes action, while Invince-a-tron threatens to suck everyone up. An umbrella hits Invince-a-tron, and Spike is about to enjoy his bone, but when Jerry steals it, he puts it in Invince-a-tron's head! This urges Spike to go after it.

Jerry and Peep free everyone after that.

Then the Invince-a-tron malfunctions completely. After Spike retrieves his bone, he returns to his doghouse, which is crushed by one of Invince-a-tron's hands, and Spike's bone (the one in his mouth) breaks. Then he cries again.

In the news, it is reported that Tom, Jerry, and Peep are heroes!

In another meeting, Tom and Jerry are eing thanked for everything when Spike arrives! The Invince-a-tron is back, and Spike is controlling him! Peep helps Jerry get away from Invince-a-tron! Peep kisses Jerry.

Later, Biff and Buzz are forced to clean up the entire mess. They get in a fight.

Then a chase between Spike (in the Invince-a-tron) and Tom is seen, which ends the movie.

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