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Jumat, 04 April 2008

crash bash

In an unknown part of space, Aku Aku has an argument with his brother Uka Uka about whether good is truly stronger than evil. Aku Aku decides that they must settle this once and for all, but when Uka Uka attempts to fight, Aku Aku reminds him that there could be no malice between them. Uka Uka and Aku Aku agree on holding a contest, with Aku Aku's players going against Uka Uka's. Aku Aku summons Crash and Coco, while Uka Uka summons Doctor Neo Cortex, Doctor Nitrus Brio, Tiny Tiger, Koala Kong, Dingodile and Rilla Roo. Aku Aku protests, saying that Uka Uka's side has too many players, saying that he could win with equal sides if his confidence in evil is high. Demanding that he surrenders two of his team, Uka Uka agrees and Aku Aku chooses Tiny and Dingodile. With that, the games finally begin.

If the good side wins, Uka Uka, extremely furious, demands to know what kind of trickery was used to defeat his team. Aku Aku denies using any tricks, and announces that he knew from the start that Uka Uka was actually attempting to steal the Crystals. Uka Uka, filled with rage, decides to take it all out on Cortex and Brio when Aku Aku locks the Crystals away in a stone cabinet. He claims that the Crystals are too powerful to be left lying around, and in that cabinet the Crystals will remain safe for all eternity. Uka Uka demands what is this, and Aku Aku gives him the penalty for disturbing the Crystals. Uka Uka is ejected into space.

If the evil side wins, a supernatural storm rages throughout the universe announcing that Uka Uka has won. He reveals that it was his plan all along to steal the Crystals, and that now all of them are his, along with their power. Aku Aku wonders how on Earth he could be so naïve to think that good by itself could triumph over evil. Now that Uka Uka has become too powerful for anyone to handle, Aku Aku pleads Crash and Coco to run away and save themselves. The Mighty Uka Uka bellows that there is nowhere to run or to hide.

If one player is good and the other player is evil, Aku Aku and Uka Uka will state that they must fight each other to find out which side is stronger. The mini-game played, called "Tie Breaker", is a Crate Crush level with music from Papu Pummel. Here, the players fight against each other with the same rules and events that occur in Jungle Bash. The only difference between the two mini-games is that the extra one consists of only two players and takes place in Hyperspace on a stone floor with small stone walls around the edges. After winning one round, the announcer will say "Good wins" for the good character and "Evil wins" for the evil character. Whoever wins three rounds determines the ending.

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