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Sabtu, 29 Maret 2008

Legend of Legaia

In the beginning, God created the skies and the earth and seas. To rule over this world, God created humankind in his own image. Though endowed with God's own spirit, humans were impulsive and physically weaker than the wild beasts of the world. Humanity reached a point where it was on the verge of extinction.

To aid his human children, God gifted them with the mystical Seru. The Seru were creatures with varying appearances who seemed to be made of some jewel like substance. When a human touched a Seru, the Seru and the human merged. The human then gained extraordinary powers, such as extreme strength, magical powers, or even the ability to fly. Humanity broke from its wild origins and founded a civilization where humans and Seru lived in close harmony.

However, one dark day, a mysterious Mist appeared as if from nowhere. When the Mist touched a Seru, the Seru was driven insane and began to attack all within reach. A human wearing a Seru inside of the Mist was transformed into a crazed and bloodthirsty monster. The Mist quickly spread from its origins in the region of Karisto to cover the entire planet. Human civilization collapsed almost instantly, and only a few isolated pockets of humanity survived the Mist.

The story begins with Vahn, a youth living in the quiet town of Rim Elm, which is protected from the Mist by an enormous wall. One night, Vahn is awoken by his father as a strange smashing noise can be heard coming from the wall. Vahn rushes to the wall to discover the problem, and a mysterious being named Zeto enters Rim Elm and destroys the wall, leaving the town open to the Mist and to the Seru monsters. Vahn runs to the town's special Genesis Tree. The Ra-Seru (a sentient and Mist-resistant Seru) that resides in the tree, Meta, attaches to Vahn and utilizes the prayers of the town to revive the Genesis Tree, which pushes back the Mist. The next morning, Vahn embarks on a journey to destroy the Mist.

Vahn travels to Mt. Rikuroa to revive the Genesis Tree there and free Drake Castle. There, he meets a girl named Noa, who was raised by a wolf with a Ra-Seru attached to its head. Vahn meets Noa as she is being attacked by a ferocious Seru named Caruban sent by Zeto to kill Noa and her Ra-Seru Terra. Vahn and Noa kill Caruban and revive the Genesis Tree. Noa receives Terra from the wolf. Drake Castle is purged of its Mist and Vahn and Noa decide they should travel together.

They travel to Biron Monastery seeking a nearby Genesis Tree. The head monk accepts that they must go to the forest in the west to revive the tree and orders a high monk, Gala, to show them the way. He sends another monk, Songi, to the other forest in the east. They find the Genesis Tree in West Voz Forest killed by the intense mist, but a Ra-Seru egg still incubated in the tree remained alive. After extracting the egg the group is drawn back to the monastery by a cloud of smoke on the horizon, Gala discovers that Songi attacked the monastery and let Seru monsters inside. Gala decides that he must go with Noa and Vahn to revive the Genesis Tree. In East Voz Forest, the group discovers that Songi has been infected with a Seru. Gala fights, but Songi is too powerful and departs. The group revives the Genesis Tree, and the Ra-Seru egg, Ozma, hatches, revealing that he is Gala's Ra-Seru. Gala accepts Ozma in order to better fight Songi.

The Genesis Trees reveal a factory in the middle of heavy Mist. They confront Songi, now an ally of the creators of mist. They also confront Zeto, who controls the factory, which produces Mist on the continent. After defeating Zeto, the party destroys the Mist generator, effectively ridding that continent of Mist forever.

The group travels to the Sebucus Islands. Vahn and his friends learn of Octam, a town where ancient sages sleep. Once the group arrives at Octam, they discover that the whole town is engulfed in Mist and that the townsfolk took refuge underground. Underground, the group meets with the ancient sages. An earthquake swallows up the sages, but their spirits tell Vahn and his friends of the destinies of the Ra-Seru: to destroy the Mist and bring peace back to the world. Vahn and his friends travel to Dohati's castle, another Mist generator. Dohati, the lord of the castle, is defeated. The group destroys the Mist machine but notices that a Ra-Seru egg was apparently powering the device.

The team travels to Karisto Kingdom, the last area infested with Mist. At Sol Tower, Vahn’s group defeats Gaza, an old warrior who is reluctant to let the mist be cleansed, and his soul revives the Genesis Tree. Afterwards, Vahn uses a special flute to reach the Soren Camp, occupied by people who still use their Seru to fly. The group informs the Soren elder of their goals. The Elder takes them to another Mist generator, the Floating Castle. Inside, the group finds Songi destroying it already: this generator was only a decoy. Narrowly escaping, the party heads to the only location left, Conkram.

Conkram has been engulfed by a giant Sim-Seru. It was Noa's home, but she was taken away when the Mist entered the world. Noa's parents tell the group that the only way to enter the final Mist Generator is to obtain a Nemesis Gem, an item now extinct. The group manages to travel to Conkram's past. The team learns of the Mist's true origin: Sol and Conkram were engaged in a bloody war. Prince Cort, Noa's brother, utilized the Mist as a tool for power. The Mist then spread across the world. The group controls an evil Mist entity, Cort is arrested, and the King gives the group the Nemesis Gem. The group returns to the present for their final battle.

They head to the final Mist Generator, Jette’s Absolute Fortress. Inside, the group defeats Jette. The group descends deeper into the fortress and battles Cort, Noa’s brother, who is totally controlled by his obsession with Mist. Defeated, he falls into a pit with the Juggernaut, and the whole fortress explodes.

At Rim Elm, the heroes celebrate the end of the Mist. However, the celebration is cut short when Songi enters and claims that he is destined to bring the Mist back. The Juggernaut arrives, engulfing the entire town. Songi travels to Seru-Kai, home of the Ancient Genesis Tree. Songi severely drains the tree, but he falls, and the sages from Octam return to revive the tree.

Vahn and his friends return to Rim Elm. Descending into Juggernaut, the group finds Cort, fused with the Juggernaut into one being. Cort falls, but Juggernaut still lives. Meta, Ozma, and Terra use their power to destroy the Mist once and for all, but the Ra-Seru are destroyed in the process, along with all other Seru.

The world has been rid of the Seru and the Mist. At this point, the player chooses between several endings: Vahn either decides to travel the world with his childhood love, decides to tell Noa how he feels, or decides to train at the Biron Monastery

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