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Sabtu, 29 Maret 2008

crash bandicoot 3

Like previous installments in the Crash Bandicoot series, Warped consists of two main modes of gameplay: a hub room (since Crash 2) and the levels (since Crash 1). The hub room is called the Time Twister, and is split into five areas, each containing five levels and a boss fight. Initially, only one area in the hub is accessible, but more are opened as the areas are completed. The levels featuring Crash largely follow the "follow-the-path" gameplay seen in previous games in the series, but other modes, such as riding a biplane, jetski, baby dinosaur, tiger, and motorcycle can be seen along with this. Another new feature is the ability to gain new abilities by defeating a boss. These abilities are a stronger belly-flop, a double jump, faster running speed, a longer spinning attack, and a bazooka which fires wumpa fruit. The game also makes heavy use of the new DualShock controller by using the vibration effect frequently.

There are a total of 30 levels in Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped, excluding bosses and the two levels which have two different entrances. Neither of these are required for 100% completion, and by obtaining the gems and relics in each, up to 104% can be achieved. Upon receiving these as well as getting all gold or platinum relics, an extra gem can be received from Coco in the Time Twister, totalling 105%.

Each level contains a Crystal, a Relic, and either one or two Gems, excluding boss levels. The secret levels do not contain any Crystals. It is essential to collect all 25 Crystals throughout the game to win. Crystals are usually found near the end of each level, and are hard to bypass. Relics are received for successfully completing time trials (see below). There are 30 Relics throughout the game. Clear Gems are received by breaking every box in each level. Additionally, some levels contain Colored Gems, which are received when a level's secret area is completed. A handful of levels contain Gems which are earned by completing a task, such as winning a race. Gems are not beneficial, but are required to achieve 100% completion of the game. There is a total of 45 gems in Warped.

In addition, the game features a new Time Trial mode, in which a level must be raced through in the fastest time possible. Boxes are laid throughout the levels that are able to freeze time for one, two, or three seconds. A Sapphire or Gold Relic will be earned if the given time is beaten. In addition, there are Platinum Relics and developer times set by the Naughty Dog and SCEA testers. A Platinum Relic can be received before completing the game with 100%, but the times will only be seen on the level info box if the game is completed with 100%. Completing the game with 104% (you don't need the last gem from Coco) enables the final battle against Dr. Cortex.

Relics unlock secret levels which are accessible through a Secret Warp Room. For every five Relics that are collected, one secret level is unlocked, and the Secret Warp Room is unlocked when the first secret level is unlocked. However, after collecting 25 Relics and unlocking the last secret level, no more secret levels will be unlocked, regardless of how many more Relics are earned.

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