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Sabtu, 29 Maret 2008

crash bandicoot 1

The game has twenty-five normal levels, as well as two secret levels and six boss battles, the six bosses being the local tribe leader Papu Papu, the insane Ripper Roo, the muscle-bound Koala Kong, the gun-toting Pinstripe Potoroo, Doctor Nitrus Brio, and finally, Doctor Neo Cortex himself. The player must make their way through a limited environment whilst defeating enemies, avoiding pits and breaking crates, each of which contain some kind of bonus. Breaking all of a level's crates while not losing a life will reward the player with a gem.[4] The boss battles have the player avoiding the boss character's attacks, then attacking the boss when the boss is vulnerable. Crash's only forms of attack are jumping and spinning. The majority of enemies can be defeated by using the jump attack, but enemies that cannot be defeated by the jump attack must be defeated by using the spinning move. This move can also be used to hit enemies into other enemies or crates.[5] Also, in some levels, Crash will ride a hog, which he has limited control over. In levels such as these, the player must avoid obstacles such as enemies while continuously going forward at fast speed on the hog. Also, numerous levels have the player being chased by a boulder, in which players must run towards the screen while jumping over gaps.

The player can collect masks hidden in crates. When protected by these floating masks, the player is protected from one enemy's attack or contact. Collecting three masks will give players temporary invulnerability from all minor dangers.[6] Also available in numerous levels are tokens hidden inside crates. These tokens feature the likenesses of either Tawna, Doctor Nitrus Brio or Doctor Neo Cortex. Once the player collects three matching tokens in one stage, the player is transported to a bonus round, where the player can collect additional wumpa fruit and items. The Tawna bonus rounds can be used to save any progress made before that point.[7]

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